AK Welcomes Bookkeeper Jake Ashworth

It’s a big summer at the AK headquarters. Along with celebrating our 30th year in Material handling, we’ve also welcomed a new member to the AK team. Jake Ashworth came aboard at the beginning of June and is working with the accounting department as a Bookkeeper. We asked Jake a few questions in hopes of learning a little more about him. Read on and get to know the newest member of the team.

Welcome, Jake!

Q: You have several talents and interests. Can you tell us a little more about those?

Music is one of my biggest interests. I have been playing the banjo for about 12 years now. I joined a band in 2012 with a few of my siblings and some friends of ours and have been playing ever since. My wife also plays music and that’s how I was able to meet her. I have also picked up some other instruments such as the bass, which I played in orchestra mainly, and guitar. Outside of music, I like being outdoors fishing, boating or trying to play sports.

Q: What music do you have playing in your car or phone right now?

I believe I have my radio tuned to 106.1 BOB FM Classic Country.

Q: Give a brief overview of your new position at AK

My position is a Bookkeeper position. I am taking over for Eric as he begins to transition into his new position. I am responsible for doing some invoicing, collections and other various Accounts Receivable tasks.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you have planned for the remainder of 2018?

The most exciting thing I have planned is a trip to Montana with my wife and her family to visit some friends who live out there. I have never been west of Moorhead so it will be an exciting trip for me. Plus, there will be some music involved so even better!

Q: If you could start your own business, what would it be?
If I could start my own business, it would be a sporting goods store. It would be similar to a Scheel’s or Bass Pro Shops. Lots of outdoor and sporting equipment.

Q: What’s your best or favorite achievement in life so far?

My favorite achievement in life so far has been marrying my wife last October.

Q: What is your favorite:

Music group/artist/genre: My favorite music genre would probably be bluegrass. My favorite artist is Tommy Emmanuel. My favorite music group would be Third Day at the moment. A lot of these favorites change due to the vast amount of great musicians out there.

Food: My favorite food would have to be pasta. That’s not very specific but I am happy to eat any kind of pasta whether it is spaghetti or fettuccine alfredo.

Sport/team: My favorite sport would be Baseball.

Movie: The Field of DreamsAK Welcomes Bookkeeper Jake Ashworth

Place to visit: The lake which is either at my wife’s parent’s place in MN or my grandma’s in WI.

Q: Each team member at AK picks a superhero alias that represents them in some way or another. Who is your superhero alias, and why? 
I would say my superhero alias is Captain America. I think that I have some of the qualities that define him such as honesty, integrity, strong work ethic and a drive to do the right thing.