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Garage Pallet Racks

Garage pallet rack is an easy way to re-organize your garage or shed storage area. Often times these storage areas become cluttered with random items such as bins, boxes, machines and tools. The reason for the clutter is that these items don’t stack optimally, causing poor use of floor space. The solution to this clutter is to use an industrial rack system that can help you maximize space by using the vertical space. Garage pallet rack shelves can create different levels of storage at multiple heights, depending on the desired product to be stored. These levels can then store items on top of one another, creating an increase in your storage density and helping you store more items in a smaller amount of space.

Garage Shelving

When looking to optimize your garage space with a industrial pallet rack system there are a couple of important dimensions to find in order to get the right rack for your garage. To find the proper dimensions of your shelving system you’ll first need to identify the area of the garage in which you’re looking to store your items. This is important because you need to look at how you currently utilize your garage and where the optimal spot for the shelving would be. If you have a narrow garage then setting up a rack system in the front would be ideal, but if you have a wide space and a door in the front of the garage then a rack along one of the sides would work best.

Once the space is identified, you can begin to analyze the proper dimensions of your racking. The first dimension that you need to measure is the overall length of the area you are looking to equip with a shelving rack. The standard length for a garage rack system is typically 8′, 12′ or 16′ long. Although it is not ideal, these racks can be built around doors and windows if necessary. You typically want your rack system to run along a clear wall, free of windows and doors. This maximizes your ability to store more items without obstructing garage traffic or light sources.

The next dimension you’ll need to measure is the depth (front to back) of the racking. Our standard uprights for these rack systems measure 24″ and 36″ deep. When measuring this dimension, you want to always give yourself more space than you expect, because you’ll most likely have some items that overhang and you’ll want a little wiggle room. A great way to determine this measurement is to fill the garage with the things that you absolutely need to store, such as vehicles, boats, atv’s, etc., and see how much room you can afford to use for shelving.

After the length and width are determined, you’ll need to measure the height of your ceiling. This will help you determine the maximum height of the upright frames that you can use. Make sure to measure the height of your garage at different points to ensure it’s a consistent measurement.

After these three measurements are taken, you can then figure out the amount of shelves that you need. The standard setup uses three shelf levels, giving users a floor, middle and top storage level. The shelves can be adjusted on 2″ increments, customizable to your items and situation. After all of these dimensions and figures are calculated, you’re ready to obtain pricing and a quote on your garage storage rack.

Garage Shelving Ideas

When looking to optimize your garage space, our pallet rack industrial shelves offer you a customize solution allowing you to get creative with your garage storage area. Some ideas include:

– Using the pallet rack shelving in the front of your garage and being able to park your vehicles partially under the rack, maximizing space. To accomplish this, the rack system would not utilize a bottom shelf level and the first beam level would be placed roughly 4-5′ off of the ground. Typically a 36″ deep upright frame would be ideal for this garage shelving idea.

– Placing the rack shelving in an L shape in the corner of your garage. This would maximize both the front and the side of your garage and allow you to create a storage corner that would keep all of your miscellaneous items in one specific area of your garage. You can maximize the space by butting up the rack systems together in the corner so that every inch of space is used.

– Customizing your rack system with your own ideas. Often times you can incorporate your lifestyle with your garage rack system. If you’re looking to keep a workbench or platform in your garage but don’t have the space, you can simply remove the wire mesh decking from the rack at about waist height and place a wood shelf in to be used as a work bench. You could also attach different hooks or storage bins onto the rack system, creating a more organized shelf rack that fits your tools and parts.

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