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Modular cleanrooms are environmentally controlled, sanitary, modular spaces that integrate into virtually any space. 

Cleanrooms are often associated with medical, aerospace, and electronic device manufacturing industries for their contaminant isolation, pressure monitoring, and environmental control features. Modular cleanrooms include airflow control and filtration to keep airborne particles away from critical processes and other sensitive areas.

Isolating contaminated air with negative pressure rooms or expelling contaminated air with positive pressure modular rooms is paramount to preventing the spread of airborne illness and other contamination. Medical manufacturing companies that utilize certified cleanrooms can reduce medical product recall by up to 90%.

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, modular cleanroom systems played a pivotal role in medical testing, hospitals, and other sensitive environments by effectively neutralizing and isolating contaminated air.

With over 25 years of industry experience, our design experts will work with you and our vendors to find the right pressure-controlled modular rooms—AK partners with various quality-first modular cleanroom manufacturers to provide top-notch cleanrooms for your warehouse. Call 800-722-5908 or click the “get a quote” button below to inquire about a modular cleanroom system today!


Advantages of Modular Cleanrooms

  • Versatile: Cleanrooms can meet your unique needs through custom retrofitting. These prefabricated structures can be temporary, permanent, moved, or expanded.

  • Code-Compliant: Modular and prefabricated cleanroom solutions are subject to local, state, and national construction codes and permits. Our cleanrooms are professionally engineered with stamped drawings to meet those guidelines.

  • Cost-Effective: Cleanrooms cost less than permanent construction and offer significant tax benefits. Modular construction had a seven-year depreciation in the past, but under the Section 179 deduction, they are now eligible for a 100% tax write-off.

  • Easy Installation: Modular cleanroom installations take a fraction of the time of regular construction. The prefabricated rooms require minimal assembly so that you can skip the dusty, loud, and busy interference of construction.

  • Sanitary: Cleanrooms isolate contaminants, creating a clean and sterile environment closed off from the rest of your facility.

  • Control: Sensitive testing and manufacturing processes often require shielding from contamination or exposure to light, air, or certain temperatures. Cleanrooms provide sterile, controlled environments for all sorts of sensitive operations.

Types of Modular Cleanroom Systems

  • Hardwall: Modular hardwall cleanrooms are a more permanent cleanroom structure with rigid walls made of aluminum, steel, or other solid materials.
  • Softwall: Softwall cleanrooms have a flexible barrier comprised of curtains or strips hung from a frame. 
  • Portable/mobile: Portable cleanrooms are small and easy to transport from one facility to another. These are great for temporary use.
  • ISO class cleanrooms: ISO cleanliness standards dictate a maximum allowable particle count per cubic meter. These standards classify many cleanrooms.
  • Temp/humidity-controlled cleanrooms: Temperature-controlled cleanrooms are often found in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and research laboratories.
  • Cleanroom pods or mini-environments: Mini cleanroom pods are small, self-contained units that control contamination within larger facilities or as stand-alone units.
  • Glovebox cleanrooms: These cleanrooms are equipped with gloves for operators to interact with materials within the enclosed environment. They provide a barrier between the cleanroom environment and the operator.
Interior of a positive pressure clean room used to protect the space from contaminants.


Negative Pressure vs. Positive Pressure Rooms

The most notable difference to discuss when comparing a negative vs. positive pressure room is air pressure. Negative pressure cleanrooms are designed to contain airborne pollutants or contaminants, such as viruses, within that particular space. In these rooms, air pressure is lowered below that of adjacent rooms and areas. This tactic keeps air from escaping the room, thus securing the rest of the surroundings.

In your search, you may have also come across positive pressure rooms. What is a positive pressure room? This room has higher air pressure than surrounding rooms to filter air out but not let it back in. Positive pressure cleanrooms are primarily used for emergency medical services, but these modular structures go beyond the medical field.

Modular Cleanroom Customization Options

  • Size and Layout
  • Ventilation and Filtration Systems (HEPA Filters, HVAC Systems, Etc.)
  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • ISO Classification
  • Entrance and Exit Systems
  • Surfaces (Stainless Steel, Wood, Composite, Metal, Etc.)
  • Materials Selection
  • Modular Walls
  • Ceiling Systems (Light fixtures, Sprinkler Systems, Etc.)
  • Utility Services (Outlets, Water Supply, Etc.)
  • Windows and Observation Panels

Modular Cleanroom Applications

  • Food and beverage processing

  • Relocation services for existing structures

  • Isolation rooms

  • Gown rooms

  • Medical testing booths

  • Aerospace and defense

  • Secure, clean entrances

  • Portable/modular quarantine facilities

  • Research laboratories

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Cafeterias and break rooms

  • Sound, paint, and dust enclosures

  • Cleanrooms

  • Computer and engineering labs

  • Medical device manufacturing and testing

  • Data centers

  • Environmental testing

  • Sensitive material handling

  • Manufacturing technology

  • Optics and precision manufacturing
  • Semiconductor wafer fabrication

  • Negative pressure rooms

  • Positive pressure rooms

How Much Does a Modular Cleanroom Cost?

On average, modular cleanrooms cost 30-40% higher than a standard modular office system. Mod offices range in price from $41-$265 per linear foot of wall for standard applications to highly custom office solutions. Specialized surfaces, ventilation, and other customized features contribute to the cost of clean rooms.

To begin a modular cleanroom design, call 800-722-5908 or complete an online quote form today! Our design engineers look forward to working with you.

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