Warehouse Wire Products

In addition to the wire decking we carry, our wire deck manufacturers also make an assortment of wire-based accessories to keep every aspect of your warehouse operations squared away. Nashville Wire, ITC Manufacturing and J&L Wire all produce their own versions of various pallet rack and warehouse wire accessories, such as hanging dividers, clip dividers, flue space dividers, light duty decking, material handling containers and more. When it comes to running an efficient warehouse, the devil is in the details, and that’s where wire pallet rack accessories come into play. If you’re interested in pallet rack, make sure to ask one of our pallet rack specialists about wire accessories and how you can incorporate them into your rack system.

Add Value to your Warehouse with Wire Accessories

Instead of thinking of wire mesh accessories as add-on’s, think of them as contributing value by keeping your product where it’s supposed to be: organized and on the pallet rack. Hanging or clip dividers are an excellent tool for keeping products that are being stored on the same beam level separate from one another. Like their name suggests, dividers create a vertical barrier that keeps product separate and in place so they’re ready to pick when the time comes. Organizing product in this way saves time, effort and money, and can help prevent costly logistical mistakes like shipping the wrong product.

Flue spacers, another important wire accessory available from AK Material Handling Systems, help warehouses comply with local fire codes by creating a space in which water from the sprinkler systems can flow. In jam-packed pallet rack systems, these small wire inserts play an important role in the safety of personnel and product. Wire containers provide a place for those loose items that just don’t belong anywhere else. Together these products boost your warehouse from “okay” to “excellent.” In our Maple Grove, MN Shelving Store we have samples of most of these wire products so you can see them first hand. Call 763-493-5015 or contact us with your requests.

Advantages of Pallet Rack and Warehouse Wire Products

  • Keep your pallet rack organized
  • Help keep product on racking
  • Protect your product
  • Comply with fire codes
  • Separate products on the same beam level
  • Help keep product on racking
  • Protect your employees