Warehouse Layout Design

Professional Warehouse Layout and Design

Proper and professional Warehouse Layout Design is essential to the success of your business when moving into a new facility or distribution center.  No matter the space, if your warehouse is not optimized and laid out correctly you will incur losses in productivity, experience space capacity issues, and be forced to deal with storage inadequacies.  Not only will our systems design specialists help you avoid these common pitfalls, they’ll elevate your warehouse and material handling processes to peak efficiency and production.

Space Planning

Before designing your pallet rack system and developing the optimal warehouse layout design, you usually need to make business decisions concerning your operation.  We will help you assess your current space and determine whether you’ll need to upsize, downsize or simply make better use of the space currently at your disposal.  Space planning isn’t always easy, and in fact involves business decisions and careful analysis of current operations, as well as planned growth.  Fortunately, our systems design specialists are here to help you do it.  We’ll meet with you in order to determine your warehouse space needs and budget before helping you find a space that will facilitate optimal productivity, efficiency, and, most important, help you reach your goals.

Warehouse Design

Part of what sets AK Material Handling Systems apart from our competition is the fact that we understand that every business, and therefore every warehouse, is unique.  We tailor our rack systems design process to each individual client, ensuring that rack systems are built specifically to achieve the client’s long-terms goals.  Whether it’s a push-back or drive-in, pallet flow or a combination of rack systems that fulfills your needs, we’ll work with you through each step of the process.  From the initial stages of choosing which system will best suit your needs to the completion of the installation process, we’ll be your turnkey pallet rack system provider.  Consultation, design, planning and execution.

Warehouse Layout

Warehouse design is only part of the picture.  At AK Material Handling Systems, we know that when it comes to storage and material handling, space is money.  To achieve maximum space efficiency, you’ll need to have your pallet rack system laid out in a way that makes the best possible use of the available floor and vertical space in your warehouse.  Our systems design specialists utilize the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to design a warehouse layout that will maximize the amount of product you can store in any given space.  Warehouse layout and design work synergistically to create a holistic warehouse system that is both scalable and able to meet the demands of your current operations.

Perhaps most important, we listen.  Experience and technology are certainly important components of a competent material handling outfitter, but only when combined with professionalism and a desire to meet your individual storage needs will they result in the unique customer experience that is working with AK Material Handling Systems.

Budgeting Warehouse Numbers

Whether the budgetary numbers are needed for allowances or build outs our warehouse design specialists can get it done fast. We know time is of the essence and we have the experience to provide a thorough accurate numbers that will help you get the numbers needed to proceed.

Example Warehouse Layout Design Budget:

Option #1 $140,000 New Selective Teardrop Pallet Rack Including Delivery & Professional Installation
Option #2 $110,000 Used Selective Pallet Rack Including Delivery & Professional Installation

Less Trade-In Credit on Used Pallet Rack = $25,000

Warehouse Rack Layout Summary: 240 – 8’ Bays of Racking with 9’ aisles, 6 pallets high storing a total of 2,880 Pallet Positions.

If you are interested in obtaining free budgetary numbers for your warehouse facility please contact us.

Top 10 Reasons Why  Warehouse Design Specialists are needed during warehouse moves and/or expansions.


  1. Help clients determine how much warehouse space they need before they begin property searching.
  2. Provide unbiased opinions on storage rack systems and forklift options as we work with multiple manufacturers.
  3. Provide detailed building Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, offering multiple layout and design options.
  4. Offer high density storage rack options that can reduce your square footage requirements saving you greatly.
  5. Stock over a million dollars of inventory in new & used pallet rack products at three different warehouses across the United States, and we can rack your warehouse property in days if needed.
  6. Offer our recommendations on your real estate options.
  7. Understand and know typical building code requirements
  8. Think up!- We can help you utilize Modular Offices and work platforms
  9. Offer Trade-in- We can work with you on your existing equipment
  10. Know rack!- Cantilever, structural, pushback, pallet flow, selective and we help you determine which style is right for your operations.

Industrial Building Codes and Standards

building codes

In early 2015 The Minnesota Building Code Administration and the state of Minnesota adopted a new set of updated building construction codes. These updates can be found online (http://www.dli.mn.gov/ccld/codes15.asp) and contain detailed provisions governing building official duties, building department operations, permits, plan review, violations, fees, inspections and more.

For reference you can find the Minnesota State Building Code Jurisdiction Directory here: (http://workplace.doli.state.mn.us/jurisdiction/) If you have questions regaurding your warehouse rack permits, codes and standards please give us a call. 763-493-5015.

Let us help you answer the tough warehouse layout and design questions.

warehouse design questions


  • Is 35,000 sq feet enough space for my operation?
  • Can I store my pallets five high in this 24’ clear space?
  • I need to move in two weeks, who can help?
  • These building columns are on 30’ centers, will that work with my reach trucks?
  • Can we combine push-back & drive-in to maximize our space?