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Pallet Rack Backing – GALVA-STOP

Improving your workplace with pallet rack backing is an easy way to provide protection to employees, guests and also your inventory. As Minnesota based distributors of the GALVA-STOP Pallet Rack Backing AK Material Handling Systems in Maple Grove, MN can help you begin your quest to improve your warehouse. Working with clients nationwide, we offer pallet rack safety solutions with our teardrop pallet rack systems in order to make sure our customers can upgrade their warehouse rack systems when needed. Currently this product line is a non-stock item being custom manufacturers for each project. This allows for each project to be handled custom making sure that the backing is an exact fit every time. Read More about Pallet Rack Backing

Keg Storage

For craft brewers and beer wholesalers, kegs can present an interesting, and often frustrating storage problem. Kegs’ round, oblong shape means they may not store as efficiently using traditional storage methods, and letting them sit on the floor can use up an unnecessary amount of floor space. This problem has been made more urgent in recent years due to the rapid expansion of the craft beer industry and the growing number of SKU’s stored in the warehouses of wholesalers and breweries around the country. Fortunately, in response to an ever-growing demand, there is a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solution available for those in need of a better way to store their kegs. Introducing: Keg Flow. Read More about Keg Storage

Pallet Rack Installation

At AK Material Handling Systems, we see your pallet rack project through to the end. That means we not only provide your rack system, but offer professional installation of your pallet rack as well. Unlike some material handling distributors, we don’t use temporary labor for our installations. Instead, our installers are pallet rack installation professionals that take their job seriously, and who will install your pallet racking in a safe and timely manner. We have built a lasting relationship with our installation crew over the years, and trust them to carry out the installation of even our largest projects nationwide. Read More about Pallet Rack Installation

Work Platform & Mezzanines

SA mezzanine can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your existing warehouse space for up to 80% less than the cost of an addition.

Work platform mezzanines not only help maximize space but offer other benefits as well. A mezzanine platform offers a significant tax advantage in comparison to building an addition. Assuming they’re properly constructed, prefabricated work platforms will usually meet building codes and OSHA regulations and are quite cost-effective to install.
While you may opt to use your work platform for additional workspace, the sky’s the limit when it comes to possible applications. Some of the more common of which include storage, office space, dust cover, tool crib, retail backrooms, security enclosures, and lunch/break rooms. However, if you choose to use your mezzanine platform for additional workspace, you can rest assured knowing AK Material Handling Systems carries Wildeck Work Platforms, which are engineered and manufactured with durability in mind. Since each work platform application is unique, a member of our Design Group will work closely with you to determine your needs and deliver a solution that meets them. Read More about Work Platform & Mezzanines

Modular Office

Whether you’re in need of space for administrative offices, employee break rooms or cafeterias, modular office buildings offer many of the same advantages as an addition or rented office space, but without the costs and inconveniences associated with permanent construction or renting space off site. Constructed with the unbeatable quality of Starrco Office Systems and the know-how and professionalism of the team at AK Material Handling Systems, modular office buildings have the potential to transform your work environment, but with several benefits not offered by construction or renting. Read More about Modular Office

Steel Shelving

At AK Material Handling Systems, we realize not every storage application happens on a huge scale. Sometimes it’s not a customized rack system, but rather a few units of sturdy steel shelving that are needed. That’s why we’re a stocking distributor of industrial steel shelving. Whether you’re in need of a single unit of shelving on which to store your tools or a 100′ run of heavy-duty industrial shelves, AK can deliver. Read More about Steel Shelving

Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Negative pressure cleanrooms are often associated with the medical industry, and for good reason. The importance of isolating contaminated air with negative pressure rooms or expelling contaminated air with positive pressure modular rooms is paramount to the preventing spread of airborn illness. In the time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you may be looking for a solution that effectively neutralizes and isolates contaminated air. The experts at AK Material Handling Systems will work with you and our vendors to find you the right solution in a short amount of time to make your workspace safe. There are many advantages and uses for the negative pressure rooms or modular offices that go beyond the medical field. Learn more about these solutions below, or click the button below for a same-day quote. Read More about Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Warehouse Security Cages

There has never been a more important time to protect your warehouse, its contents, and your employees. Contact us at AK Material Handling Systems to add that peace of mind with one or more wire mesh security cages, or driver access cages, to your warehouse security stable. Our material handling experts have decades of experience and can take your warehouse security to the next level with a variety of warehouse security cages. We work with trusted manufacturers like Folding Guard, SpaceGuard, WireCrafters,to give our customers the very best options when it comes to wire mesh security cages. Read More about Warehouse Security Cages

Medical Testing Booths

Emergency medical testing solutions are a must, especially with the current state of affairs in our country, and the World. AK Material Handling Systems is now offering medical testing booths and temperature screening stations for healthcare and safety workers to complete safe, rapid testing. Read More about Medical Testing Booths

Quick Pallet Racking

It’s an unprecedented time in our World. The warehouse storage and pallet rack experts at AK Material Handling Systems are ready to help with the demand for quick pallet racking and storage solutions.

Our warehouse and pallet rack design specialists are ready to help turn around your space as quickly as possible to meet your growing demand for space. Read More about Quick Pallet Racking

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