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Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Negative pressure rooms are designed to contain airborne pollutants or contaminants, such as viruses, within that particular space. In these rooms, air pressure is lowered below that of adjacent rooms and areas. This tactic keeps air from escaping the room, thus securing the rest of the surroundings.

In your search, you may have come across positive pressure rooms as well. What is a positive pressure room? This particular room has higher air pressure than surrounding rooms to filter air out, but not let it back in.

Obviously, the main use for these is for emergency medical services, but these types of modular rooms go beyond the medical field.

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starrco negative pressure cleanroom

Starrco cleanrooms have the ability and flexibility to be constructed in a timely matter, with little hassle.

Pallet Rack Backing

Pallet rack backing is a time-tested method of promoting warehouse safety. Pallet rack backing keeps product securely stationed on pallet racking systems, eliminating the threat of falling objects for warehouse personnel and keeping warehouses organized. These pallet rack safety systems work by attaching fully framed panels of steel mesh to one side of a pallet rack bay. When used for safety purposes, the panels are typically installed on the rear side of the racking so that product can be accessed from the front.

Steel mesh pallet rack backing offers several advantages over safety netting. Unlike safety netting, steel mesh cannot be ripped or torn by heavy, sharp items. Fully framed pallet rack backing will keep even large, angular products in their place. Common applications for pallet rack backing include rack systems that run parallel to a walkway, rack systems with tunnels, or pallet racking that backs up against important equipment.

Pallet rack backing provides a kind of “set it and forget it” way to make warehouse significantly safer. Although safer than it once was, working in a warehouse still poses significant risks. High on this list of risks is falling objects, which can be knocked off racking shelves during the loading or unloading process. Pallet rack backing greatly reduces this risk.

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pallet rack backing

BeastWire pallet rack backing keeping product secure on an oversized bay

Keg Storage

Beer can be a challenging product to store efficiently. The shape and sheer weight of most kegs make them unlike almost any other product. Add in the fast throughput and product rotation faced by liquor wholesalers and breweries, and it becomes trickier still. Palletized kegs are often stored on selective pallet racking without a problem, but single kegs are different. Storing non-palletized kegs on the ground is inefficient and fails to make use of the available vertical space. Storing non-palletized kegs on pallet racking can also be inefficient in that fulfillment personnel are hand picking kegs from multiple beam levels, increasing work time.

The solution we offer to these warehouse woes is keg flow racking. Keg flow takes the efficiency of carton flow rack systems and tailors it to the needs of a liquor distribution and fulfillment. Keg flow makes it easier and more cost-effective to store kegs. Using high strength steel rollers and the force of gravity, keg flow racking creates a highly tailored picking solution. Keg flow can be used with kegs of any size, and with as many or as few SKUs as needed.

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keg flow rack

A keg flow solution at work in a liquor distribution warehouse

Pallet Rack Installation

No pallet rack project is complete without proper installation. We often think about pallet rack installation as an afterthought, when in reality it should be a top priority. That’s because how pallet racking is installed can dictate its performance over the years and the relative safety of the warehouse it’s in. Pallet racking that’s installed by experienced professionals has a greater chance of being installed properly and in a way that will keep the racking sturdy and functioning as designed. Professional installers are also more likely to be familiar with the subtle details of different pallet rack systems, and have a better understanding of codes.

We only use professional install teams for our pallet rack projects. Our installers have years of experience installing and tearing down rack systems of all sizes, and it’s the only thing they do. When you work with us to have your pallet rack system installed, you’ll work with a team of professionals that will deliver your project in a safe and timely manner. As with every stage of a pallet rack system project, we engage in continuos communication during the installation phase to ensure your needs are met.

We’ll get your pallet rack installation done fast, without sacrificing quality of work.

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pallet rack installation

Work Platform

A work platform, also known as a “mezzanine platform” or “mezzanine,” is an elevated surface that allows for greater usage of vertical space. Like pallet racking, work platforms take unused vertical space and create a usable surface. But unlike pallet racking, work platforms create large, flat areas of flooring that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Common work platform applications include elevated machinery space, catwalks elevated product storage space, and even office space.

In contrast to a true mezzanine, work platforms are not built as a structural part of the building. While it may seem like a small difference, it offers a number of advantages over traditional mezzanines. The most often cited advantage is the tax advantage the comes with significantly shorter depreciation. A work platform can also double, or even triple your existing warehouse space, but for as much as 80% less money than a building addition. It’s also important to keep in mind that work platforms differ from mezzanines when it comes to code compliance, as well as the effect (or lack of effect) they have on property tax rates.

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mezzanine platform

Work platforms can double, or even triple warehouse space

Modular Offices

Modular offices are used to create a semipermanent space in an area where there otherwise wouldn’t be one, such as a warehouse floor, parking lot, or mezzanine platform. Modular offices are assembled using prefabricated components and are not considered part of the building structure. This feature makes modular offices more portable, flexible, and generally more cost effective than a permanent addition. Like mezzanine platforms, modular offices also present tax advantages when compared to permanent structures, since they don’t add value to the building itself.

Modular offices are highly versatile, serving a variety of needs ranging from clean rooms to cafeterias, office space to conference rooms, and everything in between. With quick assembly and little to no mess, there’s relatively little interruption in business operations when installing a modular office. Our team of experienced installers will be able to outfit your industrial space with a modular office quickly and professionally so you can get back to what you do best.

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modular office

Modular offices are a cost effective and convenient way to create office space

Steel Shelving

Industrial steel shelving systems are ideal for bulk storage applications that don’t require the high capacity or storage volume provided by pallet rack. Steel shelving is a widely popular storage solution in warehouses, industrial settings, fulfillment centers, record storage centers, the food and beverage industry, and many other applications. Industrial steel shelving is available in a wide range of capacities, from light duty shelving ideal for garage or basement storage, all the way to heavy duty bulk shelving capable of holding several thousand pounds per unit. Much of the industrial shelving manufactured is now boltless rivet shelving, which requires only a rubber mallet to assemble.

We sell steel rivet shelving by the individual component in a variety of sizes, letting you customize your shelving system to your needs. Whether you’re in the market for a few upright posts or a warehouse full of heavy duty industrial shelving, we have the product in stock and ready to ship.

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industrial steel shelving