Do you have any do-it-yourself projects lined up? DIY projects are great – in fact, many of us here at AK are full-on DIY-ers, especially when the weekend rolls around. We hope that none of your do-it-yourself projects include trying to tackle the task of moving or expanding your warehouse.

Sure, it might be possible to do it alone in some cases, but there’s a good chance you’ll be risking the safety of your product and employees by not having a design group help you out with it.

Because we know you don’t have time to read a novel or a manual about warehouse layout and design, we’ve outlined the ten best reasons to have a professional design your warehouse. 

Warehouse Space Planning

Warehouse Space Planning

At AK Material Handling Systems, we:

  • Work with you to figure out how much industrial and office space you’ll need before you start looking. If you aren’t able to accurately calculate how much space you need, searching for a new location is an exercise in futility.

  • Live and breathe pallet rack. We’re experts in cantilever, drive in, push back, pallet flow, selective pallet racking, and more and we help you determine which style is right for your operations. As we always say, no rack system is right for everyone. We’ll use our experience and product knowledge to advise you on the type of rack system that will result in your optimal warehouse storage solution.

  • Don’t just do rack, but work platforms and modular offices, too. Have you considered a modular office or work platform? Much of the time it’s a better idea to make full use of the space you have before looking elsewhere. We can engineer work platforms and install modular offices that make use of your available space and mesh with your current operations.

  • Provide detailed CAD drawings for your building, each of which provides a unique layout and design option. Can you create CAD drawings? If not, you’ll want someone to do it. It’s an important part of the warehouse design process, and our systems design specialists have years of experience doing it.

  • Provide you with high-density storage rack systems, allowing you to make the most of the space you have. The more product you can store in a given amount of space, the greater the density. We specialize in maximizing your warehouse density to make your money go further.

  • Give you our unbiased opinions and recommendations regarding your current warehouse operations. An honest person is like someone who smells – you know when you’re in the same room as them. We’ll always give you our unbiased, honest opinions about your storage rack, forklifts, and what’s in your best interest.

  • Give you our professional advice on your industrial real estate options. When it comes to any big decision, it’s nice to get tips from people who know what they’re talking about. For example, everyone has a guy they consult before buying a new car. The same should be true for warehouse real estate, and we’re always happy to give our advice.

  • Keep over $1 million in pallet rack products in stock and can install systems in your warehouse in just days. Most people don’t want to wait months to get anything, let alone a product as important as pallet racking. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but those times are a lot less frequent when you have over $1 million worth of new and used rack on hand.

  • Are well-versed in building codes and warehouse safety standards. There is perhaps no greater nightmare scenario than building a rack system and having to tear it down later because it doesn’t meet the state and local codes. Don’t let it happen – we know pallet rack permitting, and we’ll design your system to meet regulations.

  • Can give you trade-in value on your existing racking materials. If you’ve got a pallet rack system you want to replace, we’ll tear it down for you and deduct its value from the cost of your new system. All around, this rack buyback program is a pretty good deal.

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