What is a Manufacturing Warehouse?

A manufacturing warehouse is a facility that stores raw goods, work-in-process goods and finished goods. It is very important to have an organized pallet rack system to efficiently move these goods to and from manufacturing lines and cell areas. Once the manufacturing process is complete for customer orders the warehouse supports an orderly and organized system to fulfill shipping the orders to customers in a timely manner.

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structural pallet rack manufacturing
Selective rack being used in unique ways in a manufacturing warehouse

Unique Challenges and Requirements of a Manufacturing Warehouse

Warehouse storage for manufacturers can widely vary on their challenges and requirements. Some areas resemble mini distribution centers or small parts storage while others in the same factory could be high-density FIFO finished goods storage areas. Spare parts, raw materials, WIP, and finished goods may all need to be stored differently. Many rack systems are built around the perimeters of the manufacturing spaces. But is that the best use of space?

Selective pallet racking with drum cradles storing barrels otherwise known as drums in a manufacturing warehouse

What Pallet Racking System is Best For My Warehouse?

AK shines when we help you decide between the different types of pallet racks for warehouse storage by designing pallet racking to optimize manufacturing flow and warehouse storage.

Most manufacturing warehouses have a combination of these.

Different types of pallet racking work for different kinds of manufacturing warehouses ranging from raw material parts warehouses to potentially smaller parts warehouses, or work-in-progress warehouses to finished goods warehouses. For example, if it is a finished goods warehouse the best solution for the pallet rack may require a high-density system such as push back or pallet flow because you may have a high volume of pallets of the same type of product. If you have a raw materials warehouse, typically we see a lot of selective racking because there are a variety of parts. If you have a small parts manufacturing warehouse, you might need shelving or carton flow to deploy these types of items.

How to Choose the Best Style of Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse

You may be wondering what type of pallet racking is best for your manufacturing warehouse. First, you should look at your manufacturing or production lines and the different types and sizes of products that are required for the manufacturing line. Next, you need to decide whether your parts are small, large, or if you have multiple sizes. The biggest thing to consider is that you will need access to those parts for your manufacturing process.

Shuttle systems and other automated storage and retrieval systems can significantly optimize workflow in a manufacturing storage facility.

Used Warehouse Pallet Racks for Sale

Here at AK Material Handling Systems, we stock a variety of used pallet racks for sale in addition to our new product. Used pallet racking is a manufacturing storage solution that many don’t consider. Buying used racking cuts down on overall storage expenses and, with our stock, won’t cost you in quality. Call us today or fill out a quote form to learn about our in-stock used inventory.

Why Choose AK

Over the years our design group has had a lot of experience in manufacturing through raw materials and finished goods and really understands the process.

We have worked with very large and small items and warehouses ranging from paving equipment all the way down to handheld power tools.

Being that we are the design group, with our experiences and knowledge of warehouse layout design and racking options that are very innovative and creative, we can analyze a situation and quickly come up with a solution with a variety of storage products. Whether it’s cantilever, push back, or whatever is required to meet a client’s needs.

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