Servicing The Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry requires food-grade warehousing to meet FDA food storage warehouse regulations. Food warehousing encompasses many processes, including raw ingredient storage, keg storage, temperature-controlled storage, food processing, packaging, and more. 

At AK Material Handling Systems, we have the products and expertise to service this large, diverse industry. We specialize in food storage racks and cold storage warehouse design to preserve expiration-sensitive products and adhere to FDA regulations. 

Food and beverage

What Companies Need a Food-Grade Warehouse?

The food and beverage industry encompasses every part of food production, from agriculture to retail. If you do business in any of the following branches of the food supply chain, you may require a food storage warehouse and warehouse rack:

Rows of crops

Farming & Agriculture Storage

Businesses in farming and agriculture may require long-term or short-term storage of grains and seeds, hay, harvested crops, dairy, fertilizers, and other food-related farming equipment. 

Agriculture warehouses that handle dairy products or fresh produce often need controlled-temperature storage to prevent spoilage. Urban farming warehouses are indoor farming methods using vertical or hydroponic farming systems. Both require food warehouse design and heavy-duty pallet racks.

Food handling and distribution

Food Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

Food manufacturing and distribution centers that handle pallet storage of raw ingredients, dry goods, or packaged food products must adhere to FDA food and beverage regulations. Food-grade storage systems and efficient warehouse layouts can optimize these operations. 

Cold storage

Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

Frozen and refrigerated foods require cold storage and food warehouse racks. Cold room storage racks must accommodate regular sanitization, temperature control, and corrosion resistance. 

Grocery store

Food Retail Establishments

Food retailers like grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food establishments utilize various food storage solutions. These fast-paced industries experience constant inventory turnover and need storage solutions to meet their demands.

Companies that handle fresh or frozen foods will likely need a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) system like drive-through or pallet flow racking. FIFO systems can handle high-density storage and facilitate constant stock rotation. 

Other standard storage solutions for this industry include shelving, like walk-in cooler shelves and gondola shelving at grocery stores and restaurants.

Food and beverage storage

Beverage Storage

Beverage companies, such as beer and wine distributors, regularly handle kegs, barrels, and boxes of canned or bottled beverages. Keg racking is a custom storage solution that keeps cylindrical kegs upright and organized and accommodates various keg sizes. 

The industry regularly utilizes carton flow for cases of drinks and temperature-controlled storage areas for wine and other aged or chilled drinks.

Types of Commercial Food Storage Systems

Here at AK, we offer various commercial food storage systems for the food and beverage industry. Choose from our selection of pallet rack systems and food storage offerings below, call 800-722-5908, or fill out a quote form to inquire about additional options:

Gondola Shelving

Food-Grade Storage Facilities: Storage Design & Cost

Every food storage warehouse has unique needs and custom storage requirements. Since each application differs vastly, it isn’t easy to offer an average food storage system cost. 

Here at AK, we offer custom pallet rack design for food warehouses, complete with warehouse space planning and the storage systems required for food and beverage handling. To inquire about pricing for your food-grade storage facility, call 800-722-5908 or fill out our quote request form. We would be thrilled to quote your project!

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