Per RMI guidelines for Rack Repair Inspection, thoroughly examine the following areas of the racking system: proper anchoring on the solid base plate, examination of all bracing, horizontals, and diagonals, ensure the welds are intact, no crimping or damage to the braces, inspect that the upright columns are plumb and straight, examine any impact damage to the upright column to ensure there isn’t any crease in the steel, examine beam connections to be sure they are intact, examine beams to be square to the column with no observable impact damage.

Pallet Rack Inspection depiction

Example: Strategic Warehousing

“I was requested by my customer to do a thorough damage inspection of their pallet racking components at 6240 Carmen Ave E, Inver Grove Heights,Mn 55076, August of 2019. I created a spreadsheet with RMI Rack Inspection Guideline Factors to be examined and noted seriousness of damage with recommendations.

  • Anchoring/Base Plate

  • Frame Column
  • Horizontal Bracing

  • Diagonal Bracing

  • Weld Examination

  • Recommendation to Replace Upright

48 Uprights were determined to be replaced, 131 – 12” Column Protectors were installed.”

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