What is a Modular Office?

Modular offices are prefabricated buildings comprised of wall panels that integrate seamlessly into any facility. These enclosed building systems are fully customizable, easy to install, and do not require permanent construction, which saves businesses thousands of dollars upfront and in the long run. 

Instantly increase your efficiency with a stand-alone modular office space while retaining the flexibility to expand, relocate, or reconfigure the structure as needed. A modular office with a mezzanine area above the office can increase storage efficiency in a parts department by 50%.

These fully enclosed portable rooms are great for many applications, from portable office spaces and breakrooms to testing booths or controlled environments like cleanrooms, dry rooms, and aging rooms. Contact our design team today to learn more about modular workspaces. Call 800-722-5908 or fill out an online quote form to get started!

Modular Office Warehouse Design

Make Better Use of Warehouse Space

A modular office is used as a conference room

Modular building systems offer the same space advantages as an addition or rented office space but without the high costs and inconveniences. Modular buildings have the potential to transform your work environment, but with several benefits not offered by traditional construction or renting.

Modular office warehouses maximize their space by turning underutilized warehouse space into valuable functional workspace. Portable rooms fit easily into any warehouse layout design and can be multiple stories high to maximize vertical space as well. We have a fantastic design group that can help you implement a modular office space in your warehouse.

Modular Office Manufacturers

We partner with multiple prefab building manufacturers and trust in the quality and safety of all our partners. See our modular building partners below and contact us to begin your building project today!

  • Inplant Offices Incorporated
  • PortaFab Corporation
  • Starrco Modular Office Systems
  • Panel Built Incorporated
  • National Partitions
  • Porta-King
  • FS Industries

Modular Office Advantages

  • Cost-Effective: Modular offices are cheaper than permanent construction or rental space and offer significant tax advantages.

  • Portability: Easily relocated and reassembled if necessary.

  • Flexibility & Scalability: Modular buildings easily adapt to changing business needs and can expand when more space is needed.

  • Prefabricated: Fully manufactured and designed before delivery.

  • Appearance: Quality appearance and a sleek, customizable design for any space.

  • Fast installation: Quick and easy to assemble so warehouse operations can remain in full effect.

  • Minimized Disruption: Modular construction is easy and mess-free. The offices come pre-assembled or only require minimal assembly on-site.

  • Low Maintenance: Modular offices should run smoothly with relatively little upkeep and maintenance once installed.

  • Durable: Modular warehouse offices are built to last long term and offer benefits for years on end.

  • Customizable: Customizations include walls, color, windows, lighting, air and noise filtration, temperature, and more.

3 Benefits of Modular OfficesOffices & Portable Buildings

1. Modular Offices Are Economical

Modular office buildings are an economical choice for several reasons. While conventional construction requires a 39-year depreciation, modular offices have a seven-year depreciation, which offers a significant tax advantage. Modular offices are easy to assemble, saving time and money for renting or buying an office space.

2. Prefab Offices Are Easy to Assemble and Maintain

Avoid the mess associated with traditional construction when you choose a prefabricated modular office building. Every piece of the modular office is pre-manufactured, eliminating drywall dust, on-site painting, and clutter from construction materials

On-site assembly is 30-50% faster than other building additions. These offices are as tough as they are economically sensible, constructed with harsh warehouse conditions in mind.

3. Modular Office Spaces are Highly Customizable

We offer unbeatable design, consultation, and installation services for your custom modular office. With over 25 years of industry experience, our team comprises experts in warehouse design and installation. We will work with you to develop and build a high-quality modular office for your unique warehouse space.

Type of Offices & Portable Buildings

Many modular office solutions exist for different applications and purposes. Below are some common types of modular building solutions that we offer:

  • Prefab shipping office
  • Modular cleanrooms
  • Prefabricated grow rooms
  • Modular warehouse offices
  • Prefab plant foreman’s office
  • Computer and engineering labs
  • Medical device production & packaging rooms
  • Custom inplant buildings
  • Factory offices
  • Prefab inspection rooms

Other prefab and portable office options are:

  • Prefab break rooms and cafeterias
  • Prefabricated conference rooms
  • High wall modular solutions (tall walls)
  • Soundproof, paint, and dust-proof prefab enclosures
  • Modular educational spaces
  • Paint finishing rooms
  • Modular packing rooms
  • Industrial equipment rooms
  • Prefab medical testing booths
  • Controlled atmosphere rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Precision measurement spaces (CMM rooms)
  • Humidity-controlled prefab spaces
  • Aging rooms
  • Modular battery storage
  • Prefab smoking shelters
  • Modular access control buildings
  • Ticket booths
  • Guard booths
  • In-Plant offices
  • Dark rooms
  • Outdoor equipment enclosures
  • Tank & storage rooms
  • Prefabricated flowering rooms/plant growth environments
  • Modular cultivation rooms

Modular Building Applications

  • Medical Industry

  • Aerospace

  • Manufacturing

  • Events & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Warehouses

  • Distribution & Logistics

  • Construction Sites

  • Commercial & Retail

  • Government & Military

  • Events & Hospitality

  • Technology & Data Centers

  • Agriculture

How Much Do Modular Warehouse Offices Cost?

Two story modular office in action

On average, prefabricated modular buildings cost around $110 per linear foot of wall, but prices may range from $41 to $265 per square foot, depending on customizations. 

A standard 10’ wide by 10’ high office with no windows and no HVAC will be on the lower end of that range. A super-custom office with windows, HVAC, other environmental conditioning features, dividing walls, or multiple stories will fall toward the higher end of the range. 

If you are interested in modular offices for your warehouse, call 800-722-5908 or get a quote today. We look forward to helping you design and implement a custom modular warehouse office in your space!

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