Keg Storage

For craft brewers and beer wholesalers, kegs can present an interesting and often frustrating storage problem. Kegs’ round, oblong shape means they may not store as efficiently using traditional storage methods, and letting them sit on the ground can use up an unnecessary amount of floor space. This problem has been made more urgent in recent years due to the rapid expansion of the craft beer industry and the growing number of SKU’s stored in the warehouses of wholesalers and breweries around the country.

Fortunately, in response to an ever-growing demand, there’s a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solution available for those in need of a better way to store their kegs. Introducing: Keg Flow.

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What is Keg Flow?

Keg flow systems are constructed using steel rollers and either roll-formed or structural steel pallet rack frames and beams, and can be used either as FILO or FIFO systems, the latter simply requiring an extra beam at the front of the rack to function as a stop. These gravity-driven racks are built with individual lanes so that different SKU’s can be neatly organized and won’t intermix.

Each bay is 96” wide, and can accommodate up to eight lanes of kegs, each lane storing from 1 to 6 kegs. However, because not all kegs are the same size, Keg Flow racks are built to store a variety of keg sizes, including Home Brew, Sixth Barrel, Slim Barrel, Quarter Barrel, and Half Barrel. To learn even more about Keg Flow racking, reach out to one of the rack systems specialists in our Design Group


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Keg Storage

Advantages of Keg Flow:

  • Can be used either as a FILO or FIFO system
  • Built with high-quality structural or roll-formed steel
  • Increases warehouse capacity
  • Ability to store a variety of keg sizes
  • Reduces travel time required to pick orders
  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Uses high-strength steel rollers
  • Can be integrated with pushback pallet rack to form a combination system

Keg Storage Solutions

Keg Flow systems are designed and built to do one thing, and one thing only: store kegs.  This fact makes them especially adept at functioning the way users intend them to , i.e. improving product flow, warehouse capacity and organization, and overall productivity.  AK Material Handling Systems can provide you with the materials, consultation, installation and expertise needed to integrate a Keg Flow rack system into your current operations.

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