What is SpeedCell?

UNEX SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density hanging storage solution that integrates directly with existing pallet racks. SpeedCell comprises flame-resistant hanging vinyl/mesh columns compartmentalized into storage cells. 

SpeedCell storage cells are available in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Each integrated mesh cell can hold up to 35 pounds, and each column can hold up to 240 pounds. 

A primary motivation for SpeedCell users is warehouse space utilization and the desire to optimize available space and operations. This system dramatically decreases the storage footprint of piece-picking facilities and optimizes pick speed and accuracy. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative storage solution, and get a quote today!

UNEX SpeedCell

SpeedCell Configuration

SpeedCell columns hang from a sturdy steel track system that locks directly into your rack’s cross beams. UNEX SpeedCell can integrate with your current racking or new UNEX racking, consisting of welded uprights and roll-formed crossbeams.

SpeedCell allows picking specialists to rearrange and access columns deeper within the bay. An empty column space is left in each row so that the columns can shift side to side, allowing access to the next row of hanging columns.

SpeedCell steel track

SpeedCell Steel Track System

Speedcell ready bay racking

SpeedCell Ready Bay Racking

SpeedCell Storage Applications

SpeedCell is designed for piece-picking applications, also known as each picking, in which a single item is picked from a master carton. Piece-picking operations exist in warehouses, distribution centers, and retail centers that ship directly to customers. 

Standard piece-picking applications include e-commerce companies or retailers selling t-shirts, small parts, handheld products, small boxed items, grocery items, and so much more. For help determining if SpeedCell is suitable for your picking solution, call 800-722-5908.

CF Moto is a great example of a warehouse benefitting from a SpeedCell piece-picking application. This storage design needed dense storage for automotive parts and small pieces. Watch the project highlight to the right to learn more!

Advantages of SpeedCell

  • Compressed storage footprint (200’ of racking/shelving to 40’ of organized space)

  • More pick facings
  • 40-60% greater storage density
  • High strength material
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Less travel time
  • Faster picking and restocking
  • Lower labor costs
SpeedCell space saving diagram

End Cap Optimization

SpeedCell can turn aisle end caps into dynamic each pick or case pick storage spaces. This is just one way to optimize your warehouse with UNEX SpeedCell or SpanTrack — UNEX’s case storage alternative. 

Speedcell end cap optimization

Increase Your Warehouse Optimization

If SpeedCell sounds like something that could benefit your storage operations, contact one of our warehouse design experts today! Call 800-722-5908 or fill out an online quote form to start optimizing your warehouse space. 

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