Improving your pallet rack systems with pallet rack backing is an easy way to provide protection to employees, guests and also your inventory. As Minnesota based distributors of the GALVA-STOP pallet rack backing, AK Material Handling Systems in Maple Grove, MN can help you begin your quest to improve your warehouse. Working with clients nationwide, we offer pallet rack safety solutions with our teardrop pallet rack systems in order to make sure our customers can upgrade their warehouse rack systems when needed. Currently, this product line is a non-stock item being custom manufactured for each project. This allows for each project to be handled custom making sure that the backing is an exact fit every time.

Pallet Rack Backing in action

The Benefits of GALVA-DECK Pallet Rack Backing

  • Speedy mounting process with reduced rack installation time compared with other products on the market

  • Open mesh pattern design allows for easy examination with out loosing integrity

  • The GALVA-DECK backing design supports the use of overhead sprinklers in your warehouse application

  • Engineered without heavy metal frames which increase costs and installation time

  • Manufactured with galvanized steel that will outlast painted products and will not chip, flake or drop debris onto the floor below.

  • Simple Installation & Maintenance-Free

GALVA-DECK Pallet Rack Backing System

Safety of Employees and Guest

This rack safety system helps prevent pallets from becoming displaced in a rack system and becoming a safety hazard. Often times work or packing areas are placed near pallet rack systems, therefore putting employees at risk of falling pallets or products from the rack above. With a rack back system, the galvanized wire mesh panels proved a safety layer between employees and the products or pallets.

Inventory Protection

GALVA-DECK backing also protects your products by promoting proper stacking on the pallets thereby reducing the likelihood of crushing and/ or deforming underlying products. The wire mesh panels also secure your products by limiting access to the rack systems making it more difficult for unauthorized removal of products. The wire mesh panels also protect your products from falling off of the rack system. Boxes or products that are inadvertently pushed off the pallet can be protected by the wire mesh safety panel.

Workplace Improvement

Pallet rack safety backing can improve the overall functionality of your warehouse promoting a neat, safe and orderly workplace. The galvanized look of the backing offers a professional clean feel to your rack system giving confidence to visitors while not affecting your cooling or heating as well as your warehouse lighting.

Pallet Rack Backing Installation

The GALVA-DECK wire panels can be installed two different ways horizontally and vertically depending on the use of the backing.

Vertical GALVA-DECK Installation

Vertical wire mesh panels mount directly to the pallet rack cross beams. Vertical panel installation requires the proprietary galvanized wire clips that are engineered to slide under the wire mesh decking onto the pallet rack cross beam. The vertical installation method is by far the fastest and least labor intensive option available.

How to connect the vertical panels to the top bay of the pallet rack system

When attaching the top panel of the pallet rack backing system a panel support strut is needed. This horizontal strut fastens to each upright frame.

Vertical Backstop Extension

Extension packs are available for scenarios in which the pallet rack backstop needs to continue past the top of the upright frame. These extensions simply attached to the rack system and panels with two side struts that are trimmed to length during installation.

Horizontal GALVA-STOP Installation

Horizontal wire mesh panels use galvanized brackets that attached directly to the upright pallet rack frames, thereby minimizing the need to move existing products etc.

How to use the horizontal backstop installation method when installing a backstop to racking that’s loaded with product

This method mounts the panels directly to the upright frame with a mount and hardware which allows safety backing to be installed without moving existing products.

Horizontal GALVA-STOP Backstop Extension

Similar to the vertical set up, the horizontal installation method also offers an expansion or extension pack. These also simply attached to the upright frame with two side panel struts that are trimmed to length during installation.

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