Pallet rack backing is an industrial safety panel or netting system that attaches to the back of a pallet rack bay and protects warehouse employees, guests, and inventory from falling pallets or products. Rack backing comes in various forms, such as wire mesh backing, warehouse safety netting, pallet stops, and more. 

All these rack-back options, flexible or rigid, full-bay or part-bay coverage, function similarly. They mount directly to the back of a pallet rack system and prevent items from falling or being pushed off the shelving. Companies that utilize rack backing typically see up to a 70% decrease in the amount of damaged product. 

This safety component is essential over pedestrian walkways, forklift traffic zones, or other sensitive operations where people or machinery may be present. Manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities are most likely to require rack backing to protect the bustling operations below. Warehouses located in seismic zones may also require rack-backing solutions.

As nationwide distributors of pallet rack backing, we can help you improve your warehouse safety. We work with multiple pallet rack back manufacturers to provide a proper fit for every rack system. Please keep reading to learn more about our pallet rack safety backing solutions. Call 800-722-5908, or click the button below to get a quote today!


Pallet Rack Safety Backing

Safety of Employees and Guests

Pallet rack backing plays a crucial role in averting the displacement of pallets within a rack system, thus preventing potential safety hazards. Work or packing areas are frequently situated near pallet rack systems, posing a risk of pallets or products falling from the racks. The installation of a rack back system establishes protective panels, forming a safety layer that shields employees from any falling products or pallets.

Inventory Protection

Rack backing and safety netting protect your products by promoting proper stacking of the pallets, thereby reducing the likelihood of crushing and deforming underlying products. The rack back panels secure your products by limiting unauthorized access and protecting your products from falling off the rack system.

Workplace Improvement

Pallet rack safety backing and warehouse safety netting can improve your warehouse, promoting a neat, safe, and orderly workplace. Rack backing offers a clean, professional feel to your rack system, giving confidence to visitors while not affecting your cooling or heating, as well as your warehouse lighting.

Pallet Rack Backing And Safety Netting Systems

  • Wire Mesh Backing
  • Warehouse Safety Netting
  • Solid Steel Backing
  • Plywood Backing
  • Perforated Backing
  • Sliding Mesh Panels
  • Solid Plastic Backing
  • Pallet Stops
warehouse safety netting

Wire Mesh Backing

Wire mesh pallet rack backing comes in two main styles — woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh. Woven wire mesh is made by weaving wires together in an over/under pattern to create a flexible wire mesh panel. Welded wire mesh is formed by welding the wire intersections, resulting in a rigid, high-strength mesh panel. Both have benefits, but welded pallet rack backing is typically the more robust and durable pallet rack back option.

Woven and welded pallet rack backing provides a definite stop to pallets and cannot be torn or ripped by sharp items. Rack backing attaches to the back of a pallet rack bay with brackets or bolts and can be adjusted as needed.

Warehouse Safety Netting

Warehouse safety netting is another rack guard solution comprised of heavy-duty, nylon mesh or polypropylene (plastic) netting rather than solid panels. Safety netting is less sturdy than solid rack backing but provides an essential barrier between heavy pallets and passing pedestrians.

Safety netting is also used in other areas throughout the warehouse. Safety netting for warehouse racks attaches to the back of a pallet rack bay, while loading dock nets protect pallets, carts, and personnel from the open door space and keep freight from impeding dock doors. Finally, skylight safety nets fit snugly to raised-lip skylights or hatch openings, protecting roof workers from potentially deadly falls.

Solid Steel Backing

Solid steel rack backing provides strong full coverage for pallet rack bays. These solid steel panels are ideal for systems storing loose or small items that could otherwise slip through mesh rack backing or netting. 

Perforated Backing

Perforated rack backing is perforated steel panels that provide a substantial barrier while retaining visibility. Perforated backing is ideal for applications where visibility is essential, like retail storage, order picking and fulfillment centers, and high-turnover warehouses.

Sliding Mesh Panels

Sliding mesh panels are a flexible rack back option offering easy product accessibility. These sliding wire mesh panels are a great fit for fast-paced warehouses with frequently changing inventory. 

Solid Plastic Backing

Solid plastic rack backing is corrosion-resistant and often found in cold storage applications or other humidity-prone and corrosive environments.

Pallet Stops

Pallet stops, or pallet back stop beams, are metal beams that attach to the back of a pallet rack bay, providing a hard stop for pallets and preventing overhang. Pallet stop beams do not provide full bay coverage, so they are explicitly meant for palletized products, not loose parts or small products.

Rack Back Back Guard Applications

We previously mentioned that distribution and manufacturing are two of the primary sectors requiring pallet rack backing and safety netting. However, many applications benefit from this safety solution. This list is not exhaustive – work with your design expert to determine if a rack backing solution is right for your application. Common rack back applications include:

  • Distribution Centers

  • Retail Storage

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Automotive Parts Storage

  • Food and Beverage Storage

  • Pharmaceutical Storage

  • Cold Storage Facilities

  • E-commerce Fulfillment Centers

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Storage

  • Chemical and Hazardous Material Storage

  • High-Tech and Semiconductor Storage

Pallet Rack Backing Advantages

Pallet rack back
  • Code-Compliant: Rack backing meets ANSI MH31.1-2019 standards for containment panels used in material handling applications. These systems are NFPA compliant, keeping open flue space and allowing flames to vent up rather than out.
  • Secure: Heavy-duty rack backing instantly increases warehouse safety and prevents items from falling onto pedestrians or work zones.
  • Visibility: Open wire mesh, perforated rack backing, or netting does not obstruct the view and allows good lighting and sprinkler access.
  • Versatile: All rack back types attach to the front, back, end, or side of the racking for various valuable configurations. Safety netting serves multiple uses throughout the warehouse. 
  • Easy Installation: Whether clipped in or bolted with offset clips or standard mounting brackets, rack backing is quick and easy to install and reconfigure as needed.
  • Customizable: Various customizations include color, material, finish, style, attachment method, placement, different-sized panels, and more. Work with a design specialist to determine your storage system’s proper customized rack backing.

Pallet Rack Backing Manufacturers

The following pallet rack back and netting manufacturers offer high-quality safety panels. See the manufacturers of these products below and get a quote today:

  • BeastWire Mesh Guarding
  • Husky Rack & Wire
  • WireCrafters
  • Folding Guard
  • Bluff Manufacturing
  • Carron Net Company Inc.
  • Gourock
  • US Netting
  • InCord
  • Industrial Netting
  • Adrian’s Safety Solutions

Pallet Rack Backing Installation

Pallet rack backing panels are quick and easy to install. Horizontal panels stack one above the other, while vertical panels hang side-by-side until they reach the desired coverage height or width. Both vertical and horizontal rack back panels bolt directly to the pallet rack uprights with mounting brackets.

Choose between a flush mount or offset mount, depending on your product and pallet overhang needs. Offset brackets or “spacer brackets” create a 1″ to 12″ gap between the racking and the rack back panels, leaving room for proper pallet overhang. “Above the Top” mounting kits allow panels to extend above the top beam level for full system coverage. 

The standard angle frame design further speeds installation by giving installers clear access to hardware.

How Much Does Rack Back Guard Cost?

Standard wire mesh rack backing costs around $400-$600 per 4′ high x 8′ wide panel. This is a reasonably common rack back panel size to cover a standard 8′ bay. Other types of rack backing come at their own cost, and customizations can influence the final price. 

If you want pallet rack back guard or warehouse safety net solutions, call 800-722-5908 today or fill out our online quote form! We offer quick-ship pallet rack backing nationwide to meet your needs!

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