Pallet Rack Backing

Pallet Rack Backing

Pallet rack backing helps protect personnel, inventory, and equipment from falling items.

Improving your workplace with pallet rack backing is an effective way to protect employees, guests, and your inventory. As distributors of pallet rack backing, we can help you begin improving your warehouse safety today.

We work with clients across the nation to provide reliable rack safety systems from trusted brands like Folding Guard, SpaceGuard, WireCrafters, and more. Standard sizes are available from the quick ship programs of manufacturers we work with, meaning your panels can arrive on site, ready-to-install in as little as 48 hours.


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Pallet Rack Wire Backing

Pallet rack backing rewards users with several important safety benefits. These are a few of the most common reasons many of our clients choose to equip their pallet racking with rack backing panels:

Safety of Employees and Guests – Rack safety panels prevent inventory from becoming displaced in a rack system and becoming a safety hazard. Often times high-traffic areas are located near pallet rack systems, putting employees at risk of falling pallets or products from the racking above. With a rack safety system, the panels provide a safety layer between employees and the stored items. Once installed, the rack backing panels deliver continual protection.

Inventory Protection – Pallet rack backing also protects your products by promoting proper stacking, reducing the likelihood of crushing and/or deforming underlying products. The wire mesh panels also secure your products by limiting access to the rack systems, making it more difficult for unauthorized removal of products. Most important, the mesh panels keep your products from falling off of the rack system. Boxes or products that are inadvertently pushed off the pallet will be kept from falling by the wire mesh safety panel.

Workplace Improvement – Pallet Rack Safety Backing can improve the overall functionality of your warehouse and promote a neat, safe, and orderly workplace. The high quality, welded wire design will provide maximum strength and stability too.

Pallet Rack Security Enclosures

The same panels used for pallet rack backing can be modified to create security enclosures.

Not only is pallet rack backing used to protect personnel from falling inventory, it’s also effective at protecting valuable inventory from theft. The same strong steel panels that keep objects in place can be modified to work as loss prevention tools.

Like pallet rack backing, security enclosure panels can be custom-made to your pallet rack’s dimensions when standard sizes won’t fit. Many manufacturers also provide offset installation clips, allowing room for items that overhang pallet rack beams.

Ready to make your warehouse safer or want to learn more? Give us a call or send in a quote request today!