What is Stainless Steel Pallet Rack?

Stainless steel pallet racking is a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant storage system required in many industries and applications. Made entirely from different grades of stainless steel, this pallet rack style meets varying levels of corrosion resistance, strength, and more. 

The first step in making stainless steel racking is to select a stainless steel grade. Standard stainless steel grades for pallet racking include 304, 316, and 430.

Next, the steel is cut and shaped into the proper dimensions for pallet rack frames, beams, and braces. The cut stainless steel is bent and rolled into the proper rack profiles, and the components are welded together securely.

Finally, surface finishing processes like polishing, brushing, and passivation can enhance the appearance, remove impurities, and improve the storage rack’s corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Pallet Racking

Stainless Steel Storage Rack: Durable and Corrosion-Resistant

Stainless steel is inherently corrosion and rust-resistant, making stainless steel racks for storage a long-lasting and sanitary storage solution for industries that handle chemicals or other corrosive materials. The sterile nature of stainless steel makes it a perfect fit for food and beverage facilities, medical storage facilities, and more.

On average, stainless steel racking can last several decades, which is quite impressive compared to the standard 10 to 15-year lifespan of traditional carbon steel pallet racking. Of course, pallet rack lifespan depends entirely on maintenance, loading techniques, and environmental conditions like humidity and exposure to chemicals or saltwater.  

The images below show the difference between a standard carbon steel upright and stainless steel racking after time in a corrosive environment:

Rusted pallet rack frame

Standard upright in corrosive environment

Stainless steel racking

Stainless steel uprights in corrosive environment

Stainless Steel Pallet Rack Applications and Industries

  • Food and Beverage Industry: We recently completed a stainless steel rack installation for a food and beverage facility that stored vanilla extract. The corrosive nature of vanilla and dairy products led this company to inquire about stainless steel racking for their facility.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The clean, sterile nature of stainless steel racking makes it a top choice for strict anti-contamination industries like medical and pharmaceutical.

  • Healthcare and Medical Facilities: Hospitals and clinics require hygienic storage for their supplies and medical equipment.

  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry: Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for corrosive chemical industries.

  • Electronics Industry: Stainless steel racking is non-conductive, making it an ideal choice for storing electronic components.

  • Marine and Offshore Applications: High humidity and salt water eat away at standard pallet racking. Stainless steel pallet racking withstands these harsh conditions and resists saltwater corrosion.

  • Cleanroom Facilities: Industries like semiconductor manufacturing and biotechnology often require cleanroom environments and benefit from sanitary storage solutions. Stainless steel is non-porous and resistant to contamination.

  • Aerospace Industry: Precision tools and components in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance require safe storage and protection from corrosion and damage.

  • Cold Storage and Freezers: Stainless steel racking maintains its corrosion resistance and strength in extremely low temperatures, making it an excellent fit for cold storage applications.

Stainless Steel Decking

Why use stainless steel decking? The primary use of stainless steel decking is in food processing facilities. The stainless decking can be used to directly support the product or strictly as a “drip pan.” A drip pan prevents any drips from the product above, condensation, etc., from dripping on or into the food product below. 

The stainless steel can then be easily cleaned with proper sanitation and not corrode from the chemicals used in the cleaning process. We typically slightly pitch the drip pans to drip in the front or rear. The sides will also typically have a lip up, and the drip edge will have a lip turned down. 

Stainless steel decking can be used in an entirely stainless steel pallet rack system or with galvanized racking to save costs. However, it is crucial to note that galvanizing does not prevent corrosion due to the harsh chemicals used in sanitizing. The choice between stainless steel and galvanized racking depends strictly on the application at hand.

Stainless steel decking

Additional Stainless Steel Storage Products

Stainless Steel Industrial Modular Cabinet
Stainless Steel Industrial Modular Cabinet Drawer
Stainless Steel Mobile Utility Cart
Stainless Steel A-Frame Mobile Rack

Industrial Modular Cabinet

Industrial Modular Cabinet Drawer

Mobile Utility Cart

A-Frame Mobile Rack

Stainless Steel Pallet Rack Cost

On average, stainless steel pallet racking costs 10 to 30 times more than traditional pallet racking. This is due to various factors, including raw material cost and manufacturing processes. Stainless steel consists of alloying elements like chromium and nickel and is much more expensive to produce than carbon steel.

Stainless steel requires specialized manufacturing equipment to cut, shape, weld, and finish components. This can significantly raise the cost of manufacturing stainless steel pallet racking which, in turn, affects the retail price.

Stainless steel storage racks offer numerous invaluable storage benefits, including corrosion resistance, durability, and sanitation. These unique factors make stainless steel racks worth the cost in many industries and applications.

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