Carousels are automated storage systems that rotate products vertically or horizontally so individuals can access them. There are bins and baskets involved in this system — bins move vertically and baskets horizontally. These configurations store parts or products of all sizes and deliver the part to the individual, so the individual doesn’t have to walk to locate the part.

A pharmacy would be a great example of a carousel automated storage system. Here, this system offers dense pharmaceutical drug storage in a small space. With a computerized SKU ID system, a pharmacist can quickly type in the requested drug and have it delivered directly to them. Once a SKU number is selected, the carousel automatically rotates until the correct shelf and bin are aligned. The shelf automatically moves into position for the pharmacist to pick the correct drug. 

If you think a carousel system is right for your storage space, call 800-722-5908 today. Our design group can help implement it into your warehouse layout and design.

Automated Carousel in action

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