Warehouse security cages and wire mesh partitions are essential to warehouse safety. They protect valuable merchandise, guard-heavy machinery, and control guest access, among other functions. Securing warehouse items with an industry-manufactured security cage can reduce shortages of valued critical products by up to 70%.

Protect your warehouse, products, and employees with wire security cages and partitions. Metal cages and warehouse partition walls integrate seamlessly with any warehouse layout design and instantly increase the safety of your facility. Wire security cages are a valuable asset that can save you thousands in the long term. Prevent employee injuries, lost or damaged inventory, or other expensive accidents before they happen.

Our material handling cage experts have decades of experience and can take your warehouse security to the next level. We work with trusted manufacturers like Folding Guard, SpaceGuard, WireCrafters, and more to provide the best wire mesh security cage options.

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Worker greeting someone through an orange Beastwire warehouse security cage otherwise known as a drivers cage.

Advantages of Wire Mesh Security Cages

  • Controlled Guest Access: Driver entry and building access cages grant visitors limited access to a designated area. Driver cages typically surround warehouse entrances. We often outfit warehouse access control cages with service windows for drop-offs, small pick-ups, and signings.

  • Inventory Protection: Locking security cages protect inventory from damage or theft. Eliminating access to non-company personnel lowers the risk of stolen merchandise drastically.

  • Employee Safety: Enclose forklift traffic zones, welding stations, heavy machinery, or aerosol storage areas with a woven wire partition. Security cages help prevent employee accidents and injury and increase overall warehouse safety.

  • Visibility & Openness: Wire mesh cages and partitions offer high visibility, airflow, and sprinkler access within a warehouse.

  • Code-Compliant: Light, airflow, and sprinkler access help wire partition warehouses meet most ANSI and RIA safety codes. New requirements for aerosol storage and machine guarding require partition systems.

  • Durable: Hefty, thick steel comprises most welded wire partition panels. These panels provide ample protection and should last a lifetime.

  • Easy Installation: Compared to permanent, non-wire woven construction, wire security cage installation is simple and cost-effective. Most applications go up in one day and don’t require HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler system changes. We offer nationwide wire cage and partition installation and design.

  • Customizable: We configure cage and partition layouts to maximize space and efficiency. Discuss cage size, steel gauge, color, and other customizable features like doors or service windows with your design expert.

Wire Mesh Security Cage Features and Options

Warehouse security cages and security partitions come in many shapes and forms. Below are several features, options, and add-ons to tailor your security cage to your building.

  • Size & Configuration: The size and layout of your enclosed areas are fully customizable. Work with your design expert to create the best layout for your facility and purposes
  • Service Windows: Add service windows to your driver cages or partition panels for business transactions and obtaining signatures. Service windows come with or without shelves.
  • Doors & Entry Points: Common door options include hinged, sliding, or bi-folding doors for controlled access.
  • Locking Applications: Choose between push bars, padlocks, or keyless locking entries like push-button code entry and badge entry.
  • Roof Panels: Choose between solid or mesh roof panels for your security cage, depending on your requirements.
  • Number of Panels: Configure wire partitions as a straight run of dividing wall or with multiple sides. Two or three-panel partitions work well against a wall to create access cages. Fully enclosed four-sided cages are best for center-of-the-room applications.
  • Lighting: Install optional lighting into your wire enclosure. Alternatively, choosing a more open mesh density allows natural light to filter through the wire panels.
  • Steel Gauge: Higher steel gauges (wire thickness) provide greater rigidity and durability but typically come at a higher cost.
  • Mesh Density: Customize the wire mesh density to balance security and visibility.
  • Dimensions: Cage and partition dimensions are fully customizable to fit within most facilities, even tight corners with strange angles.
  • Color & Finish: Galvanization and other corrosion-resistant finishes make wire partitions suitable for corrosive environments. Customize the color and finish to your preferences.
  • Modular Design: Choose a modular security cage for easy relocation or reconfiguration.

Security Cage and Wire Partition Applications

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail Environments

  • Data Centers

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

  • Government & Military

  • Law Enforcement & Forensics

  • Educational Institutions

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Construction Sites

  • Financial Institutions

  • Technology & Electronics

Wire Mesh Partition and Security Cage Solutions

  • Aerosol Storage
  • Machine Perimeter Fencing
  • Driver Cages
  • Building Access Cages
  • Medical Security Cages
  • DEA Cages
  • Evidence Storage
  • Server & Data Centers
  • Inventory Cages
  • Stainless Steel Cages
  • Wine Storage Lockers
  • Technician Lockers
  • Warehouse Security Stable
  • Tenant Storage Lockers
  • Secure Enclosures for Utilities
  • Secure Storage Lockers
  • Infill & Window Guards
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Protective Railings
  • Rack Backing Panels
  • Tool Cribs
Jocott after aerosol cage installation

Wire Security Cages for Aerosol Storage

Aerosol storage is changing and requires a complete enclosure to meet OSHA safety standards. Our wire security cages provide a fully enclosed aerosol storage solution for your warehouse. The floor-to-ceiling wire mesh guarding prevents burst aerosols from colliding with products or personnel. Watch our recent aerosol cage installation from start to finish.

We can help you update your aerosol storage to meet safety regulations! To contact an aerosol storage expert, call 800-722-5908 or complete a quote form today!

Medical Security Cages (DEA-Approved Cages)

Medical security cages for pharmaceutical storage facilities serve many purposes. From inventory management, DEA regulation compliance, and patient safety to access control, controlled substance storage, and theft prevention.

Drug storage for hospitals and other medical storage requires high levels of security and control measures. Prevent accidental ingestion, loss, or theft with a DEA-compliant medical security cage. Additionally, ensure that only authorized personnel can access medical equipment and medications.

Substance abuse and theft are more common in the medical field than in most industries. Lock up all controlled substances in DEA cages to meet regulatory requirements and protect inventory, patients, and staff.

Aerosol storage cage

Driver Access Cages

Warehouse security cages, commonly called driver access cages, enclose building entrances. Secure your facility and ensure that outside visitors and drivers stay within designated zones.

Machine Perimeter Fencing

Machine Perimeter Fencing

Machine perimeter fencing separates heavy machinery from general foot traffic areas. Wire partitions or full cage enclosures can fence off heavy machinery for safety and controlled access. Machines like warehouse robotics tend to have moving parts that could harm or injure untrained personnel.

Wire Security Cage Manufacturers

We partner with various quality-first warehouse security cage manufacturers to offer top-notch security cages and security partitions:

  • Folding Guard
  • Husky Rack & Wire
  • SpaceGuard Products
  • BeastWire Mesh Guarding
  • Ford Logan
  • WireCrafters
  • Bluff Manufacturing

How Much Do Wire Partitions Cost?

We price our wire partitions and security cages by the panel or linear foot. On average, a wire partition panel costs $70-$125 per linear foot. Although manufacturer, mesh density, steel gauge, finish, and other customizations influence this price range.

Gates and entry points are the most costly parts of a partition or mesh cage system. Work with a design expert to find the best partition and entry point solution within your budget.

Call 800-722-5908 or complete an online quote form to learn more about warehouse security cages and partitions today! We look forward to working with you on your custom partition project!

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