There has never been a more important time to protect your warehouse, its contents, and your employees. Contact us at AK Material Handling Systems to add that peace of mind with one or more wire mesh security cages or driver access cages to your warehouse security stable. Our material handling experts have decades of experience and can take your warehouse security to the next level with various warehouse security cages. We work with trusted manufacturers like Folding Guard, SpaceGuard, and WireCrafters to give our customers the best options for wire mesh security cages.

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Worker greeting someone through an orange Beastwire warehouse security cage otherwise known as a drivers cage.
Warehouse drivers security cage being used to protect warehouse personnel.

Advantages of Wire Mesh Security Cage

Warehouse security cages, commonly called driver access cages, are typically seen at building entrances and other locations in the warehouse where security from outside visitors and in some cases employees, is necessary.

  • Controlled Guest Access – These wire cages limit exposure from outside visitors to the rest of your facility. Typically seen around warehouse entrances, they allow your visitors the access they need while being limited to an area you designate. These enclosures have the option to be outfitted with service windows, so drop-offs, small pick-ups, and obtaining signatures are easy.

  • Inventory Protection – The added level of security also protects your inventory. The elimination of non-company personnel nearly eliminates the possibility of outside parties walking off with precious inventory.

  • Employee Safety – These enclosures can also be used to secure employee access points around your warehouse or a specific area. Whether for forklift traffic, welding stations, or any other dangerous areas, security cages are a great way to help prevent potentially hazardous situations for your employees.

  • Multiple Layouts and Easy Installation – While lead times may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, installation is typically quick and easy. Most applications can be completed in one day and don’t require changes to your HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems. These applications can also be configured to add more storage space to your warehouse.

Wire Mesh Security Cage Features and Options

Not all warehouse security cages are made the same. Below are several features, options, and add-ons to tailor your security cage to your building.

  • Service windows with or without shelves
  • Roofing
  • Two or three-sided applications
  • Locking applications including push bar (warehouse side), key and keyless entry, push-button code entry, and badge entry
  • Extra lighting

Wire Security Cages for Aerosol Storage

Aerosol storage is changing and now requires a complete enclosure to meet OSHA safety standards. Our wire security cages provide a fully-enclosed aerosol storage solution for your warehouse. The floor-to-ceiling wire mesh guarding prevents burst aerosols from colliding with products or personnel.

We can help you update your aerosol storage to meet safety regulations! To get in touch with an aerosol storage expert, call 800-722-5908 or fill out a quote form today!

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