Medical testing booths are versatile, portable, and economical modular rooms explicitly designed for pop-up medical testing and screening. These booths feature removable flaps, glass or plastic safety partitions, multiple screening ports, and casters to transport the station easily when needed.

Emergency medical testing solutions like medical testing booths and temperature screening stations rose in demand during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. COVID triggered the sudden need for safe testing areas apart from standard medical facilities and operations. 

Engineers designed the screening booth with versatility in mind. These booths can be constructed and delivered quickly for immediate use in various environments.

AK Material Handling Systems offers medical testing booths and temperature screening stations for healthcare workers to complete safe, rapid testing. For help choosing a medical testing booth for your facility, call 800-722-5908.

portable medical testing booth

Advantages of Medical Testing Booths

Man standing inside of a medical testing booth
  • Safe: A sealed glass barrier and ventilation systems protect medical testing booths from germs and contaminants. Booths comprise removable flaps for easy sanitation.
  • Functional: Glove ports or neoprene one-piece sleeves allow healthcare workers to access patients without exposure to illness.
  • Portable: Most booths include rolling casters for portability.
  • Versatile: Use testing booths indoors or outdoors, depending on the location. Three screening ports on each side of the booth accommodate screening for people of varying heights.
  • Visibility: The durable, transparent screen provides optimal visibility.
  • Efficient: A dual-sided screen accommodates multiple screening lines to perform more tests in less time.
  • Recyclable: Built with components that allow repurposing when the station is no longer needed.

Medical Testing Booth Manufacturers

We partner with multiple quality-minded medical testing booth manufacturers. See our primary temperature screening station partners below, and contact us for a quote:

  • Starrco
  • Inplant Offices Incorporated
  • PortaFab
  • National Partitions
  • Panel Built Inc
  • United Partition Systems
  • Inplant Office
  • Porta-King

Medical Testing Booth Applications

  • Hospitals

  • COVID-19 Testing Centers

  • Flu and Respiratory Infection Testing

  • Vaccination Centers

  • Workplaces for Occupational Health and Safety Screenings

  • Research and Clinical Trials

  • Concerts and Entertainment

  • Travel Facilities (airports, train stations, etc.)

  • Diagnostic Imaging

  • Drug Testing Centers

Medical Testing Booth Features and Customization Options

Medical testing booths are a type of modular cleanroom with similar features and functionality. Cleanrooms are often associated with their air pressure control abilities. Negative or positive air pressure creates a clean and sterile environment for sensitive processes.

Testing booths often share this same technology. Here are the most common features and customizations for medical testing booths and temperature screening stations:

  • Frame Material: Aluminum is a common choice due to its corrosion resistance and low weight, making it ideal for portable structures like these. Steel is another more durable frame option.

  • Enclosure Material: Polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, or laminated glass are the most common enclosure materials.

  • Flooring Material: Vinyl or linoleum make up most medical testing booth flooring. These materials are water-resistant and easily cleaned.

  • Curtains and Partitions: Antimicrobial fabrics and disposable curtains are great for medical testing booths.

  • Size and Layout: Customize the size and layout of your medical testing booth to your needs.

  • Ventilation Systems: Air circulation and filtration systems like HEPA filters help to keep contaminated air out of the booth.

  • Modularity and Portability Options: If modularity is essential to your booth, lightweight materials and casters or wheels can be added to your medical testing booth design.

COVID-19 Testing Booths: A Quick Design For A Major Need

During the first months of the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitals and urgent care clinics were quickly overrun with sick patients. Patients needed testing, but healthcare facilities did not have the space or means. CVS, Walgreens, convention centers, and other locations became testing sites to remedy this sudden influx of patients.

These new testing sites needed a safe, sterile, and fully enclosed testing option that was easy to transport. Manufacturers like Starrco, Inplant Offices Incorporated, and others jumped at the opportunity and began manufacturing modular medical testing booths for sale and distribution nationwide.

COVID testing booths made testing more accessible to the public and helped the country manage the outbreak.

How Much Do Medical Testing Booths Cost?

Medical testing booths cost a minimum of $3,000 per unit. Size, material, and customizations may affect the overall cost. Our design experts will work with you and our vendors to design the best solution within your budget. 

We offer multiple warehouse safety and security options to help improve or maintain your building’s cleanliness and safety. Such solutions include modular cleanrooms, security access cages, and more. Call 800-722-5908 or complete an online quote form to get started with a modular testing booth or another safety option today!

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