Aerosol Storage

Aerosol storage requirements

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently conducted a mass compliance inspection of chemical warehouse facilities and discovered significant noncompliance. Facilities that store highly hazardous materials like chemicals and pressurized aerosol cans must abide by stricter aerosol storage requirements and chemical regulations by the EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies. 

Hazardous storage facilities must keep proper records and labeling of any chemicals or other hazardous materials. See more on hazard communication

According to the EPA’s National Compliance Initiative (initiated in 2017), approximately 150 catastrophic accidents occur yearly at chemical storage facilities, resulting in fatalities and health and environmental threats. High-risk facilities like these are regulated under section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA). However, with the apparent noncompliance, an NCI was established.

The main goal of this NCI was to “reduce the risk to human health and the environment by decreasing the likelihood of chemical accidents.” With new aerosol storage requirements and chemical warehousing processes, regulatory agencies hope to achieve this goal and raise safety standards across the board. 

Common Compliance Issues

  • Chemicals that were unaccounted for
  • No Risk Management Plan (RMP) in place
  • Lack of details and information on flammable products and liquids
  • Not enough aisle space
  • Improper aerosol can storage and hazardous material storage
  • Failure to perform regular inspections
  • Lack of coordination with local fire departments
  • Lack of proper fire protection and meeting fire code
  • Not adhering to flammable aerosol storage requirements
  • And more
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Chemical/Aerosol Storage Solutions

Protect people and products from aerosol/chemical threats by implementing proper systems like wire partitions, cylinder cabinets, and wire security cages

Regulatory agencies like the EPA, OSHA, and DHS are cracking down on aerosol can storage conditions more than ever. 

Because aerosol products are at risk of explosion and careening through the air if they burst, enclosed aerosol cages are required to contain the damage. These cages must extend from floor to ceiling or be completely enclosed with a ceiling. 

Wireway, WireCrafters, SpaceGuard, and Folding Guard are the leading manufacturers of such systems. These manufacturers produce security cages, aerosol storage cabinets, and aerosol lockers for smaller quantity storage. 

Aerosol Storage with AK

AK recently worked on a project for an aerosol storage facility in New Jersey. The company needed help finding suitable mesh safety enclosures to meet local codes and regulations. AK provided aerosol paint cages for the project.

Some of the specifications we ran into are included in the following:

  • Floor-to-ceiling chain link fence must surround aerosol storage areas. 
  • Use at least 9 gauge (3.8 mm) steel wire fencing, woven with a 2” wire density. 
  • The site must include sprinklers
  • Do not mix aerosol and other flammable liquid chemicals in the same area
  • Minimum 8’ aisles for rack storage of level 2 & 3 aerosols
  • And more

We’re finding that more and more of these aerosol storage projects are popping up around the country, requiring new warehouse design layouts.

Floor-to-ceiling aerosol cage

We know warehouse storage and safety requirements of hazardous materials and want to help you get up to code. Our expert warehouse design specialists can plan and discuss a custom solution for your storage needs. 

If you need an aerosol storage solution for your facility or want more information, call AK today at 800-722-5908

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