In the dynamic world of warehousing, staying ahead means embracing innovation and efficiency. Michigan, a hub of industrial activity, presents a unique landscape where companies like MVP Disc Sports and Enwork under ASSA Group, have redefined warehouse management. This guide offers a roadmap to actionable tips for success, drawing lessons from these industry pioneers.


Michigan’s Warehousing Landscape: A Case Study Approach

Michigan’s diverse industrial sectors, from automotive manufacturing to warehousing and distribution, demand sophisticated warehouse solutions. MVP Disc Sports, a leader in sports manufacturing, and ASSA Group’s Enwork brand stand as exemplars in this realm. Their strategies showcase the significance of selective pallet racking and custom warehouse layout design in enhancing operational efficiency.

MVP Disc Sports: A Manufacturing Giant’s Warehousing Strategy

MVP Disc Sports, with its growing presence in Michigan, notably in Marlette, MI, has revolutionized its warehousing approach. By integrating selective pallet racking systems and pallet flow racking, MVP Disc Sports has significantly improved its storage capacity and accessibility, directly benefiting its disc golf enthusiast clientele. 

MVP Disc Sports Warehouse Layout

MVP Disc Sports Layout Design

The company chose to work with AK Equipment during a warehouse relocation to safely implement a custom storage solution. This was a very unique system with back-to-back sections of selective racking with a 3-level pallet flow system between them. We were able to work with engineering to design a pallet flow system with the company’s existing pallet racking.

“MVP Disc Sports has been a great customer to work with over the years. MVP was moving to a new location and wanted to incorporate a pallet flow system with their existing selective racking. Unfortunately, we were not able to use the existing frames to support the pallet flow lanes due to weight restrictions, but we were able to come up with a plan that let them use both the pallet flow and selective racking to maximize their storage and fast-moving parts.”

Jake Koski, Pallet Rack SpecialistJake Koski, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

How MVP Disc Sports’ Warehouse Enhancements Serve Its Customers:

  • Enhanced product accessibility leads to faster order fulfillment.
  • Improved storage efficiency optimizes inventory management.
  • Streamlined operations ensure consistent product availability.

ASSA Group’s Enwork: Redefining Workspace Solutions

Enwork, a subsidiary of ASSA Group, specializes in innovative workspace solutions. Their warehouse in Michigan mirrors their commitment to efficiency and design, serving a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to warehousing and distribution. Their implementation of new and used selective pallet racking has helped to streamline their operations and enhance their order fulfillment capabilities.

“Enwork has been a great customer to work with over the years. They’ve worked with us since 2014, and we’ve always been able to supply them with quick deliveries on new and used selective pallet racking.”

Jake Koski, Pallet Rack SpecialistJake Koski, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Enwork’s Warehouse Advancements and Customer Benefits:

  • The adoption of modern racking systems increases storage density.
  • Tailored layout design enhances workflow, reducing operational downtime.
  • Strategic warehouse placement in Lowell, MI, ensures timely distribution.

The Impact of Custom Warehouse Solutions:

Both MVP Disc Sports and Enwork’s strategies underscore the need for custom solutions in the warehouse. Tailored systems like selective racking, push-back racks, and more address the unique needs of various industries, ensuring operational excellence.

Collaborating with AK Material Handling Systems:

Engaging with a seasoned warehouse designer like AK Material Handling Systems can transform warehouse operations. Our design group’s expertise in layout design and our quick-ship options expedite product deployment, enhancing customer service.

Services to Enhance Warehouse Operations:

  • Warehouse Layout and Design: Crafting efficient spaces.
  • Pallet Rack Installation: Ensuring safe and effective storage solutions.
  • Warehouse Relocation: Maintaining operations while prioritizing the move.
  • Permitting: Meeting compliance requirements and safety standards.

Emerging Technologies and Services:

Advancements in warehouse technologies like ASRS, shuttle systems, and conveyor systems present opportunities for further improvement. These innovations, coupled with warehouse design expertise, can propel Michigan’s industries to new heights of efficiency.

Embracing strategic warehouse solutions is key for any company aiming to enhance efficiency and customer service. By following the footsteps of MVP Disc Sports and Enwork, and leveraging the expertise of AK Material Handling Systems, companies can transform their warehousing operations into models of efficiency and productivity.

Helpful Tips for Warehouse Managers:

  • Consider custom racking for versatile storage.
  • Explore quick-ship options for rapid deployment.
  • Engage experts for tailored warehouse design.

This page has reviewed the warehousing strategies of two Michigan companies, providing insights for enhancing warehouse efficiency. By implementing advanced designs and collaborating with experts, businesses like yours can significantly improve their operations and customer service. 

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