As we’ve often discussed, there is a wide array of warehouse rack systems available to accommodate an almost infinite number of warehouse storage needs. Because of this, they can be divided into sub-categories such as push back rack, pallet flow rack, drive-in rack, double-deep, carton flow rack, and selective pallet rack systems. Each of these sub-categories was designed with a specific combination of needs in mind. For example, our carton flow rack systems are ideal for warehouses that have a high volume of SKUs, that split case or piece pick their products. This blog article’s going to feature a new and improved type of carton flow storage system, the Mallard Dyna-Deck. Mallard’s Dyna-Deck is quite a product, so we’ll jump right into some of the major pluses of installing a Dyna-Deck in your warehouse.

Often times, when we perform a warehouse walkthrough we, find standard carton flow tracks looking like this:

A mallard carton flow rack that has been damaged as evident by the rollers being broken

As you can see the above traditional carton flow tracks are damaged, dinged, beat up, and not working properly. This is a major issue for companies that depend on their order pickers for accuracy and efficiency.

The Solution…

Mallard's dyna deck which shows the roller decking

Mallard’s Dyna-Deck

Aside from its exemplary quality, Mallard’s Dyna-Deck also offers greatly enhanced functionality. A few of the major advantages to using the Dyna-Deck include:

  • Multiple Wheel Pattern: this eliminates common issues stemming from single-wheel patterns, such as slotting problems and lost product. It also allows for greater overall flow. And, because it is a full-wheel bed, virtually any size of carton can be accommodated.
  • Versatility: the Dyna-Deck is able to be retrofitted onto any existing carton flow system, allowing for easy replacement of your current system.
  • Entry Guides: Mallard’s Dyna-Deck also features infinitely adjustable yellow entry guides that ease and hasten the process of determining where to place cartons.

Making the Dyna-Deck Work for You

To find out more about how you can use one of Mallard’s Dyna-Deck carton flow systems to meet your storage needs, or for information regarding any of the products and consultation services offered by AK Material Handling Systems, don’t hesitate to reach us by phone at 800-722-5908. Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to answer questions about projects of all sizes.

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