Add More Space to Your Warehouse With a Mezzanine System 

No matter how big your warehouse is it seems that there is still never enough space. Although running out of space can be a good sign, because it probably means business is good, having enough space is still a must for any warehouse to run smoothly and at full capacity. So what do you do if need more room but there is absolutely no more floor space available? One of the best ways to create more workspace is with mezzanine systems. (We offer Budgetary Mezzanine Pricing)

More Space, Quickly

Mezzanine systems offer a great alternative to adding to an existing structure. First, they typically cost a lot less than new construction, and second, they are usually much quicker to install. Mezzanines, catwalks, or steel platforms all offer a great solution for taking full advantage of your unused overhead space. With a mezzanine system in place, you can gain valuable working space, whether you use it for an office, for storage, or even for manufacturing.

Easy To Install

At AK Material Handling Systems we carry a wide variety of mezzanine systems, which are generally quick and simple to install. Many times they can be put into place with very minimal interruption to your preexisting workspace. With our help planning and installing your mezzanine, you can also have your new space up and running in very little time at all.

Many Options to Choose From

We offer several different standard designs to choose from and we can also help you create a custom design to fit your personalized needs. Our mezzanine systems come in several options, including:

Freestanding – these systems are self-supporting and effectively provide more workspace for whatever needs you to have.
Catwalk – these are used to provide more workspace around freestanding systems, as well as provide access for inspection and maintenance of those systems.
Full Mat – these are great for creating more vertical space above the floor or even over an existing mezzanine system.

Benefits of AK Mezzanines

Our many different mezzanine options offer so many benefits you can’t go wrong with whatever option you choose. Some of the benefits include:

    • Complete use of your vertical space
    • More space for storing materials
    • No need to lease or rent extra space
    • Much cheaper than building an addition
    • More than 20 years of professional engineering and design experience
  • Can expand with you as your needs grow

AKMHS Has You Covered

If you need more space in your warehouse a mezzanine system is a great way to get it. Just contact AK Material Handling Systems today at 800-722-5908 and we’ll help you add that much-needed space to get your warehouse running at full productivity in no time.


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