What is a warehouse tunnel?

In the warehouse industry, a tunnel is defined as a cross-aisle that goes right through the warehouse rack system.

Tunnels can be created by removing the lower beam levels and re-slotting them up to a comfortable height allowing forklift traffic to safely pass through. With warehouse ceiling height continuing to increase, there can be a great deal of vertical space available over these cross-aisles.

Therefore most modern warehouse designs would incorporate them into the overall layout of a rack system.  In some cases, they are required for egress and overall warehouse efficiency.  Typically the tunnel bay widths are 12′ wide, offering enough space for two forklifts to pass by each other.

If your existing warehouse does not currently utilize tunnels there is a possibility you can add them in.

Although it may require custom-length beams, it could be an easy way to capture extra storage locations. Give us a call at (800) 722-5908 or get a quote if you have any questions involving warehouse rack tunnels.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Warehouse: Adding Tunnels to Your Warehouse Rack System.

Contributors: Brian Koski