In the heart of Ohio, where industrial cities like Byesville and Perrysburg blend with the state’s rich manufacturing heritage, warehouses play a pivotal role in sustaining the economy. The landscape is dotted with innovative facilities, like those operated by AFC Cable and others, showcasing great warehouse design. 

This page, tailored for warehouse managers and companies aspiring to elevate their operations, offers a roadmap to achieving peak efficiency, gleaned from Ohio’s best practices.


Ohio’s Warehousing Landscape: A Glimpse of Excellence

Ohio’s warehousing sector is a testament to the state’s industrial prowess. AFC Cable, a manufacturing titan, and another leading company in the renewable energy sector, stands out as exemplary case studies. Their warehouses are not just storage spaces but centers of productivity and innovation.

AFC Cable: A Case Study in Engineered Storage Systems

AFC Cable, a luminary in Ohio’s manufacturing sector of Byesville, has long been known for its commitment to excellence. Serving a diverse clientele, their focus on creating adaptable and efficient storage solutions is evident. The introduction of Mallard pallet flow and an extra custom, heavy-duty 3D push-back system was a game-changer, enhancing their Byesville facility’s capacity to meet client demands swiftly.

“We retrofitted AFC’s existing pallet flow system that was failing (pallet hangups, etc.), replacing the roller system with the proper design. The customer was very happy with the end result and gained almost 350 pallet positions for finished product storage.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

AFC Cable’s strategic enhancements, especially their new and improved pallet flow system, have revolutionized their warehousing operations. These advancements have led to optimized space use, allowing for increased product storage within the existing area. Moreover, they’ve boosted safety and accessibility for their workforce, creating a more efficient working atmosphere. All these changes have refined their inventory management, leading to quicker and more precise order processing, significantly benefitting their business operations.

AFC Cable Ohio

AFC Cable Storage System

AFC Cable pallet flow system

Exploring Innovation in Solar Panel Manufacturing

Adjacent to the manufacturing realm, a prominent solar panel manufacturer based in Perrysburg, OH, illuminates the path in the renewable energy sector. This company’s commitment to sustainable practices extends to its warehousing strategies, where efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

AK Material Handling Systems’ partnership with this Ohio business helped streamline its processes, resulting in faster and more reliable deliveries to clients. The integration of a structural RBI 10+ deep drive-in system, and unmanned forklifts helped enhance this company’s commitment to both customer satisfaction and environmental conservation. 

Solar panels

“This solar panel company was storing very large 5’ by 8’ skids weighing almost 8,000 lbs a piece. We worked to integrate a custom drive-in system complete with unmanned forklifts and various guidance systems for safe navigation. This was a highly customized system, increasing their storage by over 1,000 pallet positions.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

By implementing eco-friendly storage solutions, they have effectively reduced their environmental impact. Complementing these steps, advanced inventory systems have been introduced, ensuring efficient real-time tracking and management of solar panels and related components, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

The Essence of Tailored Warehouse Solutions

The stories of AFC Cable and the solar panel company underscore the importance of customizing warehouse solutions to meet industry-specific needs. Be it heavy-duty racking for manufacturing or eco-conscious storage for renewable energy, adapting to the unique requirements of each sector is crucial for success.

Working with Experts: The AK Material Handling Systems Edge

Engaging with seasoned warehouse designers like AK Material Handling Systems can significantly enhance operational efficiency. Their expertise in offering services such as warehouse layout and design, pallet rack installation, and warehouse relocation is invaluable for businesses looking to optimize their warehousing strategies.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and services is pivotal for Ohio’s warehouses in maintaining a competitive edge. Innovations like unmanned forklifts and other warehouse robotics, ASRS, and conveyor systems are not just futuristic concepts but practical tools for transforming warehousing operations. These technologies, coupled with expert guidance from companies like AK Material Handling Systems, pave the way for a new era of warehouse efficiency.

The progressive evolution of warehouse design, as demonstrated by Ohio’s frontrunners like AFC Cable and the solar panel company, serves as a guiding model for operational excellence. Embracing innovative design and storage solutions is key to maximizing both space and efficiency, a crucial aspect in today’s competitive landscape. Warehouses need to prioritize strategies that are specifically tailored to their industry’s unique demands, ensuring a more targeted and effective approach to warehouse management.

Staying ahead in this dynamic field requires leveraging the latest technologies and consulting with expert services. This approach not only keeps operations at the forefront of industry developments but also ensures a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. The success stories of AFC Cable and the discussed solar panel manufacturer illustrate the significant benefits of adopting smart design principles and advanced technologies. Their achievements highlight the importance of a strategic partnership with knowledgeable design experts in the field. 

By following these guidelines, warehouses can not only enhance their operations but also set new standards, inspiring others in the industry to strive for similar levels of excellence and innovation. Call 800-722-5908 or complete this online quote form to get started on your warehouse transformation today!

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