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It stands to reason (and common sense) that some materials are just naturally more difficult to store than others. While some materials are compact, easy to handle, and have square edges, many others are the complete opposite.

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These materials, with their long, awkward or quirky shapes, can present a serious challenge to those looking to store them, particularly if they’re trying to do so as part of their business. Long pieces of lumber, for example, would never fit in a selective pallet rack system. Their shape simply isn’t conducive to fitting in the allotted space, and their length would cause them to be obstructed by uprights. Other materials, such as steel piping, suffer from the same problem. It can be a matter of great inconvenience. That is unless you take advantage of the benefits of cantilever racking.

Minnesota cantilever racking supplier. Long aisle of cantilever racking.

Cantilever racking is uniquely designed to accommodate materials that are unable to be stored on other types of racking. Cantilever racks consist of a single vertical column with arms that extend outward. This simple, sturdy design allows cantilever racking to store anything long enough to stretch between two arms. An excellent example of cantilever racking in use is its application at plumbing supply centers everywhere. The long steel or PVC piping stored in these centers is too lengthy to be stored on pallet rack, so the materials are simply laid on the outstretched arms of the cantilever rack for later retrieval.

Another advantage of cantilever rack systems is their lack of horizontal obstruction. Because the arms extend from a single vertical column, there are no support columns standing in the way of extensively long materials. This same feature also makes cantilever racking very easy to load. In most pallet rack systems, there are uprights that create a space between which the forklift operator must fit the load, and which the operator must try to avoid hitting. With cantilever racking, the materials are simply loaded from the front without obstruction. Cantilever racking is also easily adjustable, allowing the operator to adjust the height of the arms according to load height.

Cantilever Rack Questions

  • Will I need inclined or straight arms?
  • Will a lip be needed at the end of the arms?
  • Will I need a single or double-sided cantilever rack?
  • What will be the weight per bundle of the product?

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