Double Deep Pallet Rack

There are a lot of pallet rack storage systems available on the market to fit a diverse range of needs. Some pallet rack systems are best suited to high product turnover and volume, while others may cater to low product turnover and volume, or different mixtures of the two. One pallet storage system that’s currently seeing growth in popularity is double deep pallet racking. We’re going to cover the basic anatomy of double deep racking, as well as the advantages that make it such a popular choice. We’ll also touch on the potential disadvantages of double deep pallet rack, and what you should know about your own warehouse and equipment before making a decision.

Anatomy of Double Deep Pallet Rack

In a 100% selective pallet rack system, a single row of pallet racking is placed back-to-back with another. This means each pallet is directly accessible. This is a very common storage solution but offers significantly less storage density than a double deep pallet rack system. This is because double deep pallet rack consists of two rows of pallet rack set back-to-back, hence the term “double deep.”

The concept of double deep pallet rack is similar to that of 100% selective pallet rack, but instead of two rows-per-aisle, there is now a total of four. This makes the double deep pallet rack a first in, last out (FILO) pallet rack system.

Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Rack

The most obvious advantage of a double deep pallet rack is its potential to increase storage density and maximize warehouse space. The ability of a double deep pallet rack to eliminate unneeded aisles means more warehouse space can be used for storage. This feature makes double deep pallet rack systems among the most cost and space-efficient options available. Also, a double deep pallet rack offers the same density as a 2-deep push-back pallet rack system, but at a fraction of the cost. Depending on your storage needs, installing a double deep pallet rack system may eliminate the need to build or rent new storage space.

Disadvantages of Double Deep Pallet Rack

The most significant disadvantage of the double deep pallet rack is the need for a specialized forklift to access pallets. Most forklifts are designed to only be able to access pallets on a single-deep system. This means that, in order to successfully utilize a double deep pallet rack system, one will need to invest either in a double deep reach truck or in an extension and counterbalance for their current forklift. However, many find that these costs are offset by the advantages of double deep racking.

Again, because there’s no “one size fits all” solution to storage needs, you will need to know your product volume and turnover rates, as well as available warehouse space and type of forklift you have before making a decision regarding whether or not a double deep pallet rack system is right for you.

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View of aisle in a distribution warehouse with double deep pallet racking
double deep pallet rack

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