Double deep pallet rack is a basic variation of selective pallet rack storage systems. This is done by doubling up the rows of standard selective pallet racking and using a double deep reach lift truck. The forklift operator places the back pallet into the system first, then placing another pallet in front of it. While selectivity has been reduced to 50%, twice as many pallets are stored. Also, double deep reach trucks require just a minimally wider aisle (10’). Therefore, if your warehouse has SKU’s with multiple pallets, it may be a good fit.

Double deep storage rack has become a very popular choice in high volume operations since pallets can be stored and retrieved at a fairly quick pace. Double deep systems are growing in popularity due to higher building costs and the more economical cost of high-reach double deep narrow aisle trucks. Another reason for its’ growth is that it offers high productivity, good selectivity, reduced equipment damage at a relatively low cost.

Applications: Printing, Food, Manufacturing, Distribution, Staging, Cold Storage

Advantages: High-Density Storage, Cost, Selectivity

Disadvantages: Specialized Forklift (Double deep reach truck)


  • 50% Selectivity
  • Up to 40% more storage capacity than selective rack
  • Same low cost per pallet as selective rack
  • Less expensive than 2 deep pushback rack
  • Same density as 2 deep pushback
  • Minimal increased lift truck costs
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Standard Rack Components can be used
  • Easily relocated
  • Easily converted to/from single deep