Cantilever Rack is one of the most common industrial storage systems found in warehouses today. You will find products such as lumber, steel, tubing, furniture, and other products stored on these rack systems. Cantilever racking is defined as an industrial storage rack that consists of an upright column, a base, and cantilever arms in which the products are stored upon. These racks can be manufactured from roll-formed and structural steel and there are several cantilever manufacturers throughout the United States.

How to Find the Correct Cantilever Rack for Your Warehouse 

These questions will help ensure that you are receiving the correct rack system for your warehouse or industrial application.

– What type of product will you be storing?

– Length of Product?

– Width of Product?

– Height of Product?

– How much weight per bundle of product?

– Type of Cantilever Arms? Standard Slight Incline, Inclined to _______.

– Length of Arm?

– Arm Options: Pipe Socket or Lip

– Capacity of Arm? divide the total weight of the load by the number of arms

– Are you looking to load and unload from one side or both sides?

– Height of the top load?

– What is your Maximum forklift lift height?

Other factors to remember when figuring upright height… Local Building codes, Ceiling Height, Sprinkler Systems

With the above questions answered you are on your way to designing the right cantilever rack system for your operations. At  AK Material Handling Systems we specialize in Cantilever Rack Systems and work with multiple manufacturers ensuring that we offer the right product for your application. Everything from custom jobs to standard storage applications let us help you on your next Cantilever Project. Cantilever Quote Request.

Contributor: Jason Kasanezky

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