Hello and welcome back to our warehouse safety blog series. Today we are focusing our attention on some guidelines for installing our Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack products. As a major stocking distributor of Ridg-U-Rak Ridg-U-Tier pallet rack products we feel it is necessary to share with you some helpful guidelines when installing our Ridg-U-Rak product line. Although we always recommend our warehouse layout services, here are some hand-picked favorites from the Ridg-U-Rak guidelines for installing Ridg-U-Rak selective pallet rack.

• Do not store materials outdoors. Extensive damage may occur. The standard paint finish is not intended for outdoor storage.
• Compatibility and correctness of materials supplied by other manufacturers for use with the rack system in not the responsibility of Ridg-U-Rak.
• The rack must be installed using all components and hardware specified.
• All beams must be locked in place with beam locks or automatic locks.
• Use of racks as scaffolding, or climbing on the rack is not recommended. Persons using the rack for these purposes shall do at their own risk.
• Never install beams from both ends of the row at the same time. Always start at one end only, or from the center of a row and work both ways.
• Always engage both ends of the beam at the same time and be sure it has fully engaged the column before seating to install locking devices.
• Do not hammer on ends of beams to install and seat. If seating is difficult, get a piece of 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ angle x 6″ long. Stand it up on top of the hook and hit downward, seating the hook.
• Normally a rawhide-faced hammer or urethane hammer may be used for installing beams.

In addition to the Ridg-U-Rak list of guidelines, we have also created some installation tips of our own. 

• Mark the beam levels on the uprights with a marker before standing them up. This will ensure you are in the correct location.
• Always use row spacers when placing pallet rack back to back.
• Use chalk lines to keep your runs of racking consistent.
• Always use lift equipment when available
• Mark your beams with capacity labels for safe loads.
• Floor anchors are always recommended.
• Change in beam elevations WILL alter capacity.

In summary, we hope that these guidelines will improve your installation experience. If you need any rack system installed professionally please call 800-722-5908.

Contributors: Jason KasanezkyJosh Smith