In a landscape where warehouse efficiency is paramount, this article serves as a practical roadmap to enhanced operations. Here, we unfold a series of success tips, drawing from Idaho’s advanced warehouse solutions.

From the agricultural plains of Jerome to the urban centers of Boise, Idaho’s warehousing landscape is evolving. Brands like Covered and Smoke Guard, Inc. stand as a testament to this transformation, adopting innovative strategies to redefine storage efficiency.


Covered: Pioneering Retail Storage Solutions

Covered, a prominent player in the retail window treatments sector, has redefined warehousing by implementing selective racks. This strategic move optimized their storage space but also streamlined inventory management for their retail warehouse. 

“This customer was seeking very small sections of selective racking to get more vertical storage as their warehouse was pretty full. We were able to supply and ship the system to Idaho despite inclement weather during that time.”

Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Here are the biggest benefits that these selective racks offered the company:

  • Cost-effective: Selective pallet racking is cost-efficient and designed to maximize storage density while minimizing the footprint, leading to substantial savings in both space and operational costs.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Direct access to each pallet enables quick retrieval and efficient management of inventory. The ability to directly reach any pallet without moving others streamlines the picking process, thereby enhancing overall productivity.
  • Scalable: Flexibility in operations allows Covered to adjust and reconfigure to accommodate different product sizes and quantities, offering the versatility needed to respond to changing market demands and inventory levels. 

Valley Wide Cooperative – Farmer’s Cooperative

Valley Wide Cooperative is a farmer-owned entity operating across the Northwestern United States including Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Its primary focus is on serving farmers and ranchers through a range of services and products diversified across several sectors including agronomy, farm supply, and feed.

Valley Wide Cooperative, with the help of AK Materials Handling Systems, recently updated their warehouses with 250 feet of new and used pallet racks to meet two main needs:

Valley Wide Cooperative in Idaho
  • Versatility for Diverse Agricultural Products: For a farmer’s cooperative like Valley Wide Cooperative, the diverse range of agricultural products, from sacks of grains to farm equipment, demands a versatile storage solution. Selective pallet racks are ideal for this purpose. They offer the flexibility to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of agricultural products. The ability to adjust the heights and widths of the racks means that everything from small, bagged seeds to larger machinery parts can be stored efficiently and safely. This versatility is crucial in the agricultural sector, where the inventory can vary significantly with the seasons and harvest cycles.
  • Improved Accessibility for Fast-Paced Agricultural Needs: In a farmer’s cooperative, timely access to supplies and equipment is vital, especially during peak farming seasons. Selective pallet racks provide direct and immediate access to every pallet. This feature is particularly beneficial for the cooperative, as it allows for quick retrieval of farming supplies, ensuring that members can access what they need without delay. The straightforward layout of the racks also simplifies the task of inventory checks and restocking, which is essential in maintaining a steady flow of agricultural supplies.

These cases highlight the necessity of custom solutions like selective pallet racking systems tailored to diverse industry needs. They also emphasize the importance of rapid response to project demands, a crucial factor in today’s fast-evolving market.

Technological integrations such as warehouse robotics and warehouse cranes are pivotal in Idaho’s warehousing model. These innovations, coupled with robust industrial racking and adherence to OSHA safety standards, form the foundation of an efficient warehouse. Here are some other key tips:

  • Adopt industry-specific racking systems for optimal storage efficiency.
  • Prioritize rapid solutions to meet immediate project needs.
  • Utilize technology for enhanced precision and operational efficacy.

By following the footsteps of Covered and Smoke Guard, Inc., any warehouse can transform into a hub of efficiency, prepared to tackle the future’s storage challenges. Call 800-722-5908 or complete this quote form to get started!

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