For decision-makers in warehouse operations, this page provides a simple roadmap to get started with storage efficiency. Through a lens focused on Colorado businesses’ custom warehousing solutions, the AK Material Handling Systems team offers real-life examples of warehouse success and an opportunity to begin a custom warehouse design.

In Colorado, warehouse management is undergoing a remarkable transformation from the bustling hubs of Denver to the industrious realms of Englewood and Fort Collins. Here, companies like Front Range HVAC and Egozi Ventures are examples of efficiency and custom design.


Front Range HVAC: Optimizing Storage In Colorado’s Construction Industry

Front Range HVAC drawing

Customer's sketch of their layout and desired safety cage

Front Range HVAC, a business in Castle Rock, Colorado is in the HVAC and new construction sector, has embraced a custom security cage to upgrade its warehousing operations. This strategic choice not only meets the unique demands of the construction trade but also represents its adaptability and commitment to safety in a competitive market.

“This customer was looking for a 3-sided cage to go around their garage door and regular entry door in the back of the warehouse. The cage needed a larger sliding door to accommodate forklift/pallet jacks. It also needed a service window where they could pass through smaller items and paperwork. We were able to work with them to create a custom solution.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

This custom-designed Saf-T-Fence lockup provided controlled access and overall safety for the facility. Despite some budget and delivery roadblocks, AK worked with Front Range HVAC to find a custom cage that could fulfill their unique needs on their timeline. 

Egozi Ventures: Pioneering in Hashish Distribution

Similarly, Egozi Ventures, a leader in cannabis/hashish cultivation and distribution in Denver, CO, has adopted AK’s storage systems into their grow rooms or grow tents for a fully custom storage environment. Egozi Ventures’ grow room, complete with temperature, humidity, and airflow controls, now has a custom selective pallet rack system to optimize storage and help plants thrive. 

AK helped optimize their grow space with selective pallet racks while adhering to the industry’s stringent requirements. A unique racking system within a customizable environment provides near-limitless options regarding these plants and other vegetation. 

Egozi Ventures

“We were able to work within the customer’s budget and sell them the order. We ran into a slight delay with the shipment due to a major holiday, but we were able to work around the issue, and the shipment arrived at their facility without a scratch.”

Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson, Inventory and Purchasing Coordinator, AK Material Handling Systems

AK’s work with Egozi Ventures underscores the importance of industry-specific solutions in warehouse design and the ability to overcome unforeseen delays or roadblocks.

Strategic Design and Quick Solutions

Both companies highlight a crucial aspect of modern warehousing: the need for tailored solutions. Whether it’s aerospace and defense, electronics manufacturing, or cannabis/hashish distribution, the right grow room storage design, warehouse, and racking systems play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency.

Rapid implementation of these solutions is another key factor. AK’s quick-ship options offer a vital edge in today’s fast-paced environment supporting Colorado businesses like these, a strategy effectively employed.

Technological Integration: A Game-Changer

Advancements in technology, such as growing facilities, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), warehouse robotics, environmental controls, and efficient conveyor systems, are also crucial. These innovations, coupled with robust industrial racking and adherence to warehouse safety standards, form the backbone of a state-of-the-art warehouse.

Colorado’s warehouse design landscape provides valuable lessons for people looking for fully customizable growing facilities with environmental controls or other warehouse racking systems. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Custom-fit racking systems are crucial for various industry demands.
  • Swift implementation of solutions is key to staying competitive. 
  • Technological upgrades are essential for operational precision and efficiency.

Emulating the strategies of Front Range HVAC and Egozi Ventures can lead any warehouse toward a future of enhanced efficiency, smarter storage solutions, and better security and safety. To begin your warehouse design journey, call 800-722-5908 or complete a quote form online today!

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