Warehouses come in a lot of different sizes and they serve a lot of different purposes.
Some warehouses are home to massive amounts of products with massive amounts of space to store them all. Other warehouses operate on a much smaller scale. However, no matter what size of warehouse you have, a key component to any successful warehouse is its pallet rack systems.

Pallet Racks Are Key

These systems will largely determine how efficient and productive the movement of freight goes during each business day. The wrong kind of pallet rack system could cost your employees several hours in productivity, whereas the right system can increase your output exponentially. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose the right system.

Empty pushback pallet racking in a warehouse

How Do They Work?

One of the most popular choices is the push-back pallet rack system. The pushback pallet rack system offers several benefits. So how does it work? The system works via a series of holding carts. These carts are moved forward on steel rails with the help of gravity. Each pallet is pushed toward the back of the row as more pallets are loaded. When the front pallet is removed from the row the subsequent pallets move forward as well. The pushback pallet rack system is a “Last In First Out” system.

Benefits of Pushback System

There are several benefits to using a pushback pallet rack system in your warehouse. Some of those benefits include:

  • Honeycombing is eliminated because each level is independent of the next
  • More useful than drive-in racks
  • Doesn’t require special storage and removal equipment
  • Able to hold many different sizes of pallets and skids
  • Excellent for space-saving purposes

We Can Help

Although a pushback pallet rack system is good for many purposes, it does not fit every pallet rack need. For example, if you need a First In First Outflow system, then the pushback system wouldn’t be right for you. However if the advantages explained above to meet your needs, then the pushback pallet flow system is probably right for your warehouse. Still not sure which system is right for you? No problem, just give AK Material Handling Systems a call at 800-722-5908 and we can help.

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