For warehouse managers and firms aiming to enhance their storage facilities, this page serves as a practical guide, offering comprehensive suggestions for warehouse optimization. Utilizing the experiences of leading Kansas brands, this piece will unfold tips and success strategies to elevate your warehouse operations.

In the heart of Kansas, from bustling Lenexa to dynamic Kansas City, businesses are pioneering in warehouse design, becoming models of storage efficiency. Notably, Canteen in vending and distribution and Ceramic Industrial Coatings are examples of this evolution, demonstrating how tailored warehouse solutions significantly boost operational efficiency.


Canteen Vending: A Model of Distribution Mastery

Canteen’s story in Lenexa, Kansas shows how the company’s strategic adoption of selective pallet racks enhanced its distribution capabilities. Canteen provides vending and distribution, primarily serving customers like offices, educational institutions, hospitals, and large public venues where vending machines offer convenient food and beverage options. 

Canteen worked with AK Material Handling Systems to streamline storage processes while upholding their commitment to prompt and efficient service to their customers. Canteen’s introduction of selective pallet racks, carton flow racking, and a conveyor system in their warehouse has led to several customer-centric improvements. This enhancement has enabled faster and more organized distribution, ensuring vending machines are refilled promptly. 

Additionally, the more systematic storage has expanded product variety, catering to a broader range of consumer tastes. The overall streamlining of warehouse operations assists their goal of providing consistent and reliable vending services for their customers.

“All products that were in this system were vending type food and drink. We provided them with selective racking and installation services for the racking, a small run of conveyor, and carton flow on the lower rack levels for their picking areas.”

Pete Brandon, Warehouse Design SpecialistPete Brandon, Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Our ability to provide custom storage solutions and essential services like warehouse layout design, warehouse relocation, and pallet rack installation allows us to provide all-inclusive service to our customers so they don’t need to contact multiple vendors for a single warehouse project. 

Ceramic Industrial Coatings: Pioneering Manufacturing Efficiency

Ceramic Industrial Coatings specializes in the manufacturing of topcoats, stains & glazes, opaque finishes, and more. These coatings are typically used for various wood applications like cabinetry, furniture, and other wooden components, protecting them from wear, corrosion, and environmental factors. 

With operations in Kansas City, KS, AK’s selective pallet racking helped revolutionize this manufacturing facility. This approach has enabled the company to blend its manufacturing processes with contemporary efficiency standards.

“We provided selective racking to help get Ceramic Industrial’s product off the floor vertically. This facility had low ceilings, so we had to strategically design the storage system using 8’ tall uprights for a proper fit.”

Pete Brandon, Warehouse Design SpecialistPete Brandon, Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems
Ceramic Industrial Coatings product example

Key Strategies for Warehouse Design

These narratives are more than success stories; they are examples for businesses aspiring to enhance their warehouse capabilities. They underscore the significance of custom solutions like selective racking, installation, and professional warehouse design services to meet diverse industrial needs, from agriculture and food processing to manufacturing and distribution.

Rapid response to project requirements is another standout feature of these Kansas leaders. Quick-ship solutions are vital for businesses seeking immediate responses, a crucial edge in today’s fast-paced market. AK offers quick ship pallet racking solutions to fulfill your order fast.

Technological integration, including conveyor systems, further sets apart Kansas’ approach to warehousing. These innovations, combined with robust industrial racking and adherence to OSHA rack capacity labeling requirements, form the backbone of an efficient warehouse system.

Following the footsteps of Canteen and Ceramic Industrial Coatings, any warehouse like yours can transform into a model of efficiency to meet the evolving customer demands of storage and distribution. Call 800-722-5908 or complete this online quote form to begin working with a warehouse design specialist today!

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