A complete material handling system isn’t complete without safety equipment. Today, let’s turn our attention to end aisle guards.
End aisle guards are exactly what they sound like – devices installed at the end of a row of pallet rack to prevent forklifts and other powered equipment from colliding with the end of the rack. Like safety netting and

column protectors, items that we’ve previously featured in this space, end aisle guards are intended to protect your inventory, equipment, and employees. A collision with a pallet rack can damage both the forklift and the rack; plus, a weakened rack endangers the inventory that sits upon it as well. It’s not hard to imagine a collision that results in ruined inventory and employee injuries.

That’s why end aisle guards can be so critical. A typical end aisle protector is made of steel and secured to the floor with anchor bolts at the end of an aisle of the installed rack. Perfectly installed guards will not affect access to the aisles or workflow. Protectors come in both left-side and right-side alignment to be certain that it integrates completely with the installed rack. If a forklift or AGV does collide with an end-aisle guard, the guard absorbs the impact, stabilizes the rack installation, and keeps everything standing.
Multiple manufacturers make end aisle guards, and they can typically be adapted to any manufacturer’s pallet rack. Most are painted yellow or another bright color so they easily stand out against colored racking backgrounds. A typical end aisle guard is designed to protect 3-inch or 4-inch uprights, but some can also be procured for other sizes. Likewise, though most styles are for use with standard 42-inch frames, it’s not impossible to install an end aisle guard for another size frame.
Got a question on end aisle guards? Contact AK for more information or visit this page to see some samples.

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