The 2013 MLB World Series begins tomorrow night, between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. So in honor of that, I decided to write a short follow-up post recapping the predictions made by my fellow team members.

I started off by asking:  
“What will the 2013 Minnesota Twins Record be?”
Actual Minnesota Twins 2013 Record (66 Wins – 96 Losses)

Here were their predictions.
Eric Dutcher – Shipping Specialist (68 Wins  – 94 Losses) Only 2 Games Off
Shawn Jones – Project Coordinator (72 Wins  – 90 Losses) Only 6 Games Off
Adam Hansen – Inside Sales (76 Wins  – 86 Losses) Only 10 Games Off
Jake Koski – Inside Sales (82 Wins  – 80 Losses) Well, you can do the Math.

My Reaction…WOW, Eric predicts the Twins record within two games. Amazing. Nice job Eric! Shawn and Adam both make close calls within 10 games of the correct record and Jake was a little

Adam & his nephew Carson

off but responded with these comments: “Well I think one of the biggest reasons they failed to reach my predictions was their pitching? Now there is always going to be other contributing factors such as injuries but over the last 2-3 years pitching has been their biggest downfall. I thought with the additions they made it would be different but I was wrong. Well, there is always next year!”

Well Jake, your right. There is always next year!

In 2013 Joe Mauer will hold a _____ Batting avg?
Joe Mauer finished 2013 with a Batting Avg. of .324 

Here were their responses.
Shawn Jones – .313
Adam Hansen – .313
Eric Dutcher – .311
Jake Koski – .370

My Reaction… Man, these guys really know their baseball. Both Shawn and Adam had excellent guesses within .011 of the finishing avg. so hats off to you guys, excellent predictions.

And finally, I asked them to make a bold prediction for the 2013 Season and here is how they responded:

Adam Hansen – My bold prediction of the year is that the Philadelphia Phillies have a bounce-back year and they end up the NL East Division Champs beating out the Washington Nationals.

Results: Unfortunately the Phillies finished 3rd in their division behind the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves.

Shawn Jones – Both Yankees and Red Sox will not make playoffs and the Atlanta Braves will win the World Series.

Results: Well the good news is that the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs which is always a good thing but The Red Sox are playing this week for the World Series and unfortunately the Braves were eliminated from the playoffs.

Jake Koski – My bold prediction for the year is that the New York Yankees will finish the season at the bottom of their division.

Results: Well the Yankees didn’t finish at the bottom but they also didn’t make the playoffs so I count this prediction as a win in my book. Nice call Jake.

Eric Dutcher – My Twins Predictions… Mauer will catch less than 80 games this year, no starting pitchers will win more than 13 games,  and Aaron Hicks will be the real deal (Best Center Fielder since Torii Hunter).

Results: I don’t have the actual statistics but I know that Mauer dealt with some injuries this year keeping him out from behind the plate for a lot of games so good prediction on that one. You were also spot on with the pitching wins because Kevin Correia leads the pitching staff with 9 wins total although your prediction for Mr. Hicks was a little off as he batted .192 but there is always next year for him.

So in summary, I was quick to realize that we have some very impressive baseball minds here at AKMHS and we always like to have some fun while working hard so I would personally like to thank Adam, Jake, Shawn, and Eric for helping us out and sharing their thoughts with the millions of readers that we have. So I’ll close with this… The Minnesota Twins are a great asset to the State of Minnesota and provide entertainment for millions of fans year in and year out. But one thing that’s often hidden or unknown to the fans is the massive amount of material handling products used to provide this excellent form of entertainment including products such as Shelving, Pallet Rack, Conveyor, Industrial Doors, Carts, forklifts, loading docks, and many others. So the next time you’re at a baseball game make sure to look around and see if you can spot any material handling products in action.

Thanks for reading.

Minnesota Twins Baseball Stadium


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