These days there are many different kinds of pallet rack systems available. Whatever it is you have to store, chances are that you have numerous options. One of the best types of solutions for high-density storage is push back pallet racks. Push-back pallet rack systems provide similar storage densities as drive-in pallet racks but they also offer improved accessibility and more selection to a larger number of SKUs.

Benefits of Push Back Pallet Systems

Push back pallet racks are ideal for high-density storage racks that still need to allow for quick product rotation. They offer many benefits and advantages, including:

  • High-density storage
  • Allow for more pick faces than drive-in storage systems
  • Maintains high utilization (> 85%)
  • Can range from two to six pallets deep
  • Can accommodate a wide range of pallet sizes and styles
  • Compatible with all kinds of lift trucks, including narrow aisle, counterbalance and swing reach.
  • Higher productivity can be achieved as forklifts can store and retrieve pallets quicker than drive-in rack
Maximize spacerak push back pallet rack system

Advantages of Push Back Pallet Racks

Push back pallet rack systems are also a great storage solution for several other reasons as well. For example, each level of storage is completely independent of the rest of the levels, which removes the possibility of honeycombing. They are also more useful than drive-in racks because they can accommodate different types and sizes of pallets, including skids, GMA pallet, and postal pallets. In addition, Push back pallet rack systems also cut down on the possibility of damage to your inventory or racks by a forklift since it does not have to enter the rack.

spacerak push back pallet rack system with no materials on it

Who Uses Push Back?

Pushback rack has become a standard in the cold storage industry. With the expensive space, high-density rack is a must. Thus, pushback rack is the perfect choice with it’s flexibility and high utilization. Numerous other industries use pushback to meet their warehouse needs. These include food and beverage, printing, and general industries.

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