This week, we’ll continue to meet the faces behind the AK Material Handling Systems brand. This week, we’re going to meet a member of the inside sales team, Adam Hansen. Adam plays a crucial role here at AK, and we were excited to interview and share with you a little more about him. Turns out, we learned some pretty interesting things as well (including the fact that he’s double-jointed in his thumb. The more you know…)

Adam Hansen
Pallet Rack Specialist
Elk River, MN

Q: What is your role at AKMHS?
A: My role is Inside Sales as a pallet rack specialist and I’m also involved with purchasing and maintaining inventory of our pallet rack products.

Q: How long have you been with AK?
A: I have been with AK for 3 years and 4 months

AKMHS Employee Adam Hansen Stands and smiles in front of pallet racking

Q: What is the most exciting aspect of your position?
A: On the sales side, it’s exciting to see satisfied customers and see how we have helped them. It’s definitely interesting what some customers come up with on how to use pallet racking in various ways. On the Purchasing and Inventory side, I enjoy making sure we maintain inventory levels and are constantly moving products.

Q: What excites you the most about the future at AK?
A: How much we are growing! When I first started we were pulling orders off paper and only had 3 warehouse workers and 4 Inside Salespeople. Now we are pulling and shipping orders via iPads and doing inventory and receiving on them as well. We are now up to 5 warehouse workers 7 Inside Sales. We just keep setting the bar higher and higher and we continue to reach our goals.

Q: Do you have any role models or people you truly look up to?
A: I would probably have to say my Dad. He has taught me so much through my life and has set such a great example. I couldn’t have asked for a better father to learn from!

Q: What are some of your main hobbies?
A: I enjoy playing softball, hanging out with my dog Polly and as of late doing a lot of yard work.

Adam Hansen's dog sits on a couch

Q: What’s playing in your mp3 player/car stereo right now?
A: In the morning I usually listen to Mike and Mike on ESPN 1500. On the way home I usually jump between Country and The Ride with Reusse on ESPN 1500

Q: You have been known to include random fun facts at the bottom of your emails can you share one with us right now?
A: Fun Fact: The raised bump reflectors on US roads are named “Botts dots”

How about some fun facts about Adam Hansen??

  • Has played well over 1000 games of pool on his lunch break with his brother-in-law James Jungbauer
  • Played high school football, baseball & basketball for Blaine
  • Has been to over 100 Twins baseball games
  • Has visited about 15 different MLB Stadiums
  • Won the first-ever AK Material Handling Nascar Arcade Championship
  • Holds the arcade mini-basketball record with 76 at Extreme River City Arcade in Monticello

If you would like to connect with Adam you can find him on LinkedIn at:
Adam Hansen Linkedin

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