Minnesota Twins Stadium -- Target Field

As cheers echoed through Target Field on April 4th, signaling the start of the Minnesota Twins’ 2024 baseball season, the real MVPs were already hard at work, ensuring the field and stadium were pristine and ready for action. The MN Twins’ grounds crew cares meticulously for the field, pitch, and stadium, treating and trimming the grass, maintaining the infield, and keeping the grounds clear of late-season ice and snow. 

As home opener approached, the crew recognized a need for custom storage to streamline their work. They contacted AK Material Handling Systems in February for a selective pallet rack system to accommodate their essential operations. 

Touring Target Field: Assessing the Need for Custom Storage at the Twins Stadium

Jarad Alley, Grounds Crew Supervisor at the Twins Stadium, took me on a tour through Target Field’s maintenance and concessions floor. This high-security lower level is designated primarily for concessions storage, groundskeeping equipment, the exclusive Champion’s Club entrance, and private event space.

As we drove around beneath the perimeter of Target Field in a compact utility vehicle, it became evident why custom storage was long overdue. Heavy equipment, tarps, ice melt, pallets, and hoses lined the narrow corridors of the maintenance floor, making it challenging to navigate with a utility vehicle and even harder to keep organized during the busy weeks leading up to game one.

Twins storage before AK pallet racking

AK’s Partnership With The Minnesota Twins

Recognizing the need for a solution, the Minnesota Twins’ grounds crew turned to a familiar partner, AK Material Handling Systems. Having collaborated previously during the stadium’s inception in 2010, AK understood the unique needs of the organization and the importance of efficiency in their operations.

Decision-makers at Target Field proactively support local businesses for outsourced projects like this one. 

The Minnesota Twins foster a winning culture both on and off the field. They’re not just a client; they’re a friendly organization deeply embedded in our local community. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our values.

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

With Brian’s help, the Twins implemented a state-of-the-art custom storage system utilizing selective pallet racking. The pallet rack system not only decluttered the workspace but also optimized accessibility and organization. Now, instead of searching through piles of equipment, the grounds crew can efficiently locate and retrieve the necessary items, saving valuable time and effort.

Twins pallet rack system before loading Twins pallet rack system after loading

New pallet rack system before and after being loaded and organized

Target Field is a site with extremely limited space. It was dropped in the middle of downtown between freeways and railroad tracks. The majority of our remaining available storage is in vertical space. The selective pallet rack system that AK supplied allowed us to mix and match existing racking with additional product. With most items now in their place off the ground, we will be able to operate more efficiently and effectively while maintaining an open flow to our area. Working with Brian was seamless from quote to purchase to delivery.

Jarad Alley, Grounds Crew Supervisor, Minnesota Twins

Indeed, the impact of the pallet rack system extends beyond mere storage—it enhances productivity and enables the grounds crew to deliver quality care consistently. As the season unfolds, the Minnesota Twins can rest assured knowing that their grounds crew has the tools and organization needed to maintain the field’s lush green grass and sandy pitch.

We take pride in our partnerships at AK Material Handling Systems, especially with local organizations like the Minnesota Twins. Together, we’re not just designing pallet rack systems; we’re facilitating success and fostering a winning culture, both on and off the field.

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