Growing Pains: Has Your Office Space Caught up with Your Changing Needs?

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It’s early in the year, and businesses everywhere are in the midst of tackling ambitious goals. Undoubtedly, many of these goals will include various types of growth including sales, new locations, and staffing. An important area of growth often overlooked, however, is office space. Office space isn’t just a movie from the ’90s. In fact, the infrastructure of an office is one of the key facets of a productive, engaging work environment.

Modular Office Pricing and Purchase Information

While business teams are gathering in conference rooms to develop growth metrics and establish quarterly goals, many are realizing that their last available office just became occupied and that the new hires will be without a place to work if someone doesn’t act quickly. Their business might be growing, but leasing out an entirely new office just isn’t in the cards. So, what’s a company like this to do? Well, one of the answers to this predicament is to install additional office space with an AK Modular Office solution

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Is Your Office Scalable?

Is your business currently experiencing growth? Do you expect (or at least hope for) it to continue to do so in the future? If you’re going to be undergoing fluctuations in staffing, you’ll want office space that’s scalable, meaning it can be adjusted based on the number of employees that will be requiring office space. With AK modular office solutions from AK Material Handling Systems, you’ll have the flexibility to expand, decrease and modify your office space as you wish. AK modular office solutions offer a professional look and feel without the added cost and hassle of leasing or building additional space. For a fraction of what you’d pay to build new office space, AK modular offices give your work environment the flexibility and ease of location you need in order to remain agile.

Do You Have The Infrastructure in Place to Efficiently Scale Your Office Space?

If you’re planning on welcoming new employees aboard and getting more done, you’re going to need the infrastructure to do it. You could clear out a little spot in the corner, next to the filing cabinet. Or, you could get something a little more sustainable and without sacrificing flexibility or the ability to transfer office and desk locations as necessary. AK modular office solutions allow you to do just that, and for a significantly lower cost.

Modular Office Building Pricing

According to RSMeans Construction Costs Data, the average price per square foot for a two-to-four-story office building in St. Louis is $177.61. The cost of an AK Material Handling Systems Modular Office varies depending on ceiling height, interior walls, and other details, but our modular office systems typically cost between $40 and $50 per square foot.

Calculating Office Space Now and In The Future

Calculating Office Space Now and in the Future

When determining the required future office space, there are three primary questions you’ll have to ask yourself, which we, in turn, will ask you:

  • Question 1: Do you have enough office and working space to adequately support your projected staffing growth for 2015 and beyond?
  • Question 2: How does your current office space accommodate incoming staff members?
  • Question 3: Have you budgeted resources and allotted space for new offices?

Once you’ve done some investigating and have found the answers to these questions, we’ll be ready to work alongside you to implement an office space solution that’ll help bring your business to the next level.

Modular Office Building Pricing & Purchase Information

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