If you have 17’ clear or more in your building, think modular and think vertical storage space. We have already covered the advantages of using modular offices such as cost, flexibility, speed of construction, and lack of construction mess. With two story offices, there are even more advantages.

First, it frees up valuable floor space for other operations. Look above a typical “front” office. Most industrial buildings have single-story offices built in 20-30’ clear buildings. There are huge amounts of wasted valuable space. What is your payback if you can capture the use of this space? Or at least don’t continue this trend when you can double your office space per square foot.

Secondly, the flexibility of a modular office cannot be matched by standard construction. Expanding, modifying, or moving your system can easily be done. In addition, individual person offices, conference rooms, break rooms, or I.T. rooms can easily be created. With prefabricated mezzanines, there are even more possibilities. Multi-level structures are even possible to overlook your plant operations.

If you are unsure of your growth, order your one-story modular office with load-bearing capability. Then, when you need that additional office area or vertical storage space, just add the second story! There is some additional cost for the load-bearing component to your first floor, but it will give you flexibility down the road. Even if you don’t need office space, it can be used as a storage mezzanine.

In summary, 2-story modular offices provide fast, efficient solutions to your office needs. Do not waste your valuable space! Modular Office Quote