The journey towards warehouse excellence requires a blend of innovation and practicality. In New Jersey, pioneering companies like Blue Apron and Aquarius Landscape Supply have set benchmarks in warehouse design and functionality. 

This page, fueled by AK Material Handling Systems’ expertise, offers a roadmap to optimize your warehouse operations. From the industrious heart of Linden, NJ, to the enterprising town of Lakewood, renowned for its pharmaceuticals and electronics industries, the expertise shared here leads the way to superior efficiency in warehouse operations.


Blue Apron: A Model of Distribution Excellence:

Blue Apron, is an online meal subscription service and a giant in e-commerce distribution that exemplifies precision in warehouse operations. Serving a diverse customer base, their approach is tailored to expedite product flow while maintaining impeccable quality. 

The business recently partnered with AK Material Handling Systems to implement a Mallard structural pallet flow rack system in its Linden production facility. This system, strategically located in their shipping and receiving area, optimized bulk outbound shipments of their completed meal kits. 

They also needed freezer and cooler storage for pre-packaged ingredients. We were able to design a unique combination system to meet Blue Apron’s needs. We worked with the client to implement a double-deep, heavy-duty reinforced selective pallet racking system combined with carton flow for case picking (herbs, sauces, etc.) and pushback rack above.

“It was a pleasure working with Blue Apron to design their custom storage system. Not only did we create an efficient system for their outbound shipping area, but we added heavy-duty storage in multiple of their freezer and cooler rooms, adding several thousand pallet positions in total.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The advanced racking systems implemented by Blue Apron have streamlined their distribution process, resulting in several key benefits. These include faster retrieval of products, better utilization of storage space, more effective inventory management, and an overall increase in operational efficiency. This enhancement in warehouse operations has led to notable improvements in customer service and efficiency.

Blue Apron storage system New Jersey

Blue Apron Combination System

Aquarius Landscape Supply: Storage Design for Industrial Applications

Aquarius Landscape Supply services a large network of landscape and irrigation professionals in and around New Jersey and the greater Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Delmarva Regions. Aquarius partnered with our team to acquire a custom rivet shelving system for one of their New Jersey facilities. 

“This customer was looking for lighter-duty shelving for their parts distribution area. We utilized Western Pacific Storage Solutions steel shelving to complete this project and were able to work within the customer’s timeline.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The shelving system optimized their parts storage, adding many new SKU slots and helping the business stay organized and efficient. Their storage and distribution processes run more smoothly now with the implementation of this new system, allowing Aquarius Landscape Supply to better meet the needs of its customers.

Tailoring Solutions: The AK Material Handling Systems Approach

Our experience with brands like Blue Apron and Aquarius Landscape Supply illuminates the criticality of custom warehouse solutions. Push-back, pallet flow, carton flow, selective racking, and steel shelving are more than just storage options; they are strategic tools tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, from food storage to landscape supply and beyond.

Working with AK Material Handling Systems unlocks a plethora of services to enhance your warehouse efficiency. Be it layout and design, space planning, or pallet rack installation, our solutions are designed to deliver swift, impactful results. 

State-of-the-Art Technologies for Future-Ready Warehouses:

In New Jersey, embracing technologies like warehouse robotics, ASRS, and conveyor systems has been pivotal. These advancements not only propel companies like Blue Apron and Aquarius Landscape Supply ahead but also set new standards for industries like pharmaceuticals and wholesale distribution.

Emulating Success: A Roadmap for Warehouse Managers:

By adopting strategies similar to those of Blue Apron and Aquarius Landscape Supply, you, along with any warehouse manager, can transform your storage facility into an efficient warehouse. Here are some actionable tips:

  • Opt for advanced racking systems to maximize space and efficiency.
  • Integrate cutting-edge technologies like robotics and automated storage systems.
  • Regularly assess and adapt your warehouse layout to evolving business needs.

The journey of warehouse transformation is a continual pursuit of excellence. In New Jersey, companies like Blue Apron and Aquarius Landscape Supply stand out, demonstrating how tailored solutions and technological integration can elevate warehouse operations to new heights. 

As you embark on this path, remember that each step, guided by strategic planning and innovative thinking, brings you closer to realizing your warehouse’s full potential. Call 800-722-5908 or complete this online quote form to begin working with a warehouse designer on your facility today!

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