The Difference Between Old Style and New Style Interlake Pallet Rack


Old Style vs. New Style Interlake Pallet Rack

“What is the difference between New Style Interlake pallet rack and Old Style Interlake pallet rack frames, and why are there different types of frames?”


This is the question we’re looking to answer, hopefully once and for all. But first, we’ll need to dive into a little background information to fully understand the difference between the two and why they’re easily confused.

Even though most pallet rack systems serve the same big-picture purpose, there’s more than one type of racking that can get you there. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and might be used for different applications, depending on what’s important to the user. One of the attributes that differentiate these styles of pallet rack from one another is what we call the “beam-to-frame connection.” Of course, these differences easily lead to confusion, even among experienced pallet rack specialists. One such point of confusion that we regularly run into is the difference between New Style and Old Style Interlake pallet rack. Again, the main difference is in the punch holes of the upright frames.

Difference between new style interlake pallet rack and old style interlake pallet rack

Pallet Rack Manufacturers

If you’re in the material handling industry and are familiar to pallet racking, you’re most likely familiar with Interlake Mecalux. There are two distinct types of Interlake selective pallet rack frames: Old style and New Style. The difference in the two is the shape of the punch holes in which the beams connect to the upright frames. The Old Style frames have teardrop shaped holes and the New Style frames have a more angled, rectangular slot that tapers at the bottom. The Old Style is the more popular of the two, because of its ease of assembly and teardrop design. Because most teardrop pallet racking is interchangeable, the Old Style Interlake design offers greater long-term flexibility.

The beam that Interlake manufacturers has a slender locking pin that fits both of these styles, so if both your beams and frames are Interlake, you’re in luck. But if you find yourself with Interlake New Style frames, many beams designed for teardrop pallet rack frames won’t fit. The round-shaped locking pins are too wide for the New Style slots. So, it’s important to know what type of pallet rack frames you have in order to know what type of beams you need (and vice versa). This will come in handy in the event that you need to add on to your existing pallet racking.


Interlake Pallet Racking

The names “New Style” and “Old Style” are part of why it can be so tricky to keep the two straight and remember which styles are compatible. New Style Interlake is in fact not new at all. Instead, it is a name given to a style of pallet rack that was developed some time ago. At the time it was invented, it was definitively new. As of the writing of this article, though, New Style Interlake is no longer being manufactured.

But this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to find New Style on the market. A lot of New Style Interlake pallet rack was manufactured in its time, and it’s still widely available from companies who provide used pallet rack. If you’re in the market for used pallet rack frames and are quoted Interlake New Style, check to make sure the beams you’ll be using them with are compatible. If they’re not Interlake New Style or shaved pin beams, you might be in trouble when it comes time for installation.

Difference between new style interlake pallet rack and old style interlake pallet rack


New Style Interlake Pallet Rack vs. Old Style Interlake Teardrop

Interlake now sticks to a teardrop design for its roll formed pallet rack, having long eliminated New Style from the production line. This is good news for those who own beams with round pins, because these round pins, or “lugs” as they’re often called, wouldn’t be compatible with the slimmer, “U-shaped” New Style slots. But this means that what many in the industry refer to as “Old Style” Interlake is what’s being produced and sold right now. If you’re scratching your head, we don’t blame you. But at least you’ll have come away knowing the main differences between the two, and hopefully this knowledge will help you avoid buying incompatible parts down the road.

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