Pallet Flow Pallet Rack Video Demonstration

The above pallet flow pallet racking video demonstration was filmed at our quick ship warehouse located in Maple Grove, MN 55369. The purpose of the video is to provide a detailed video demonstration of a pallet flow rack system works within a warehouse. The system used in the video is a Steel King Industries designed system installed by our professional pallet rack installation team.

Forklift loading a pallet flow pallet rack system:

In this video the forklift driver loads a standard wood pallet full of product onto the pallet flow rollers from the loading side of the rack system. The pallet then rolls forward to the front – unloading area of the rack system. These rollers feature brakes and different types of rollers specific to each warehouse application.

Pallet flow pallet rack systems create momentum and flow in your warehouse by getting your pallets moving under the force of gravity. Once pallets are loaded onto a pallet flow system, they glide over steel rollers, eventually arriving at their destination at the other end of the system. Steel King holds a unique advantage over many of their competitors in that they’re able to deliver the entirety of the rack system, as opposed to only having a few of the necessary components.

The chief advantage of pallet flow rack systems is, besides creating flow, to maximize storage density and efficiency. Steel King pallet flow systems are able to do this by providing a number of key features, including:

  • Flexible selectivity
  • Customizable design
  • Advanced quality engineering
  • Cost-effectiveness

If you’re in need of a high-density storage solution and carry time-sensitive product, a Steel King pallet flow rack system might deliver exactly the results you’re looking for.

Disclaimer: This is not a “Forklift – How To” video and should not be used in any safety training or to train individuals on how to operate a forklift or a drive-in pallet rack system. This video is to simply show how a pallet flow rack system stores product.

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