How Much Can My Pallet Rack Hold?


Knowing the capacity needed for your product is often overlooked or underestimated. When figuring your pallet rack capacity many variables need to be taken into consideration. Each component has its own capacity rating per manufacturer.


Crossbeam capacities are based on uniformly distributed loads per pair of beams. For instance with a 5,000 # beam capacity, your beams are rated for two 2,500-pound pallets.


Wire deck capacities are also given under uniformly distributed load ratings. Wire mesh decks are not meant to be direct or point-loaded. Wire decking is made to benefit the beam level by adding fall protection and flow through for sprinklers.


Upright frame capacities are based on beam level spacing. The upright frame is only as strong as its weakest point, so capacities are based on the largest area of the unsupported column of the frame. Standard frame capacities are based on 48″ top of Beam spacing.


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