Is New Pallet Rack Better Than Used?

This is a question we receive all the time when customers are contemplating what type of pallet rack to purchase. There are many pros, cons, and factors to take into account when deciding whether to go the new or used route. This post will outline some of the factors that you should consider before making your final decision.


Used Pallet Rack

If you are looking for standard selective pallet racks for a better price and not really concerned about aesthetics or style, then buying used or close-out pallet rack is the way to go. Whether you are just starting your warehouse, or trying to save money, used pallet racking can be a smart idea saving you thousands of dollars depending on the size of your project.

That said, with the cost savings used pallet rack offers it also does come with some risk that you and your business should consider. One of the major risks involved in buying used material for your warehouse involves the warranty of the rack system. Almost all used pallet rack is “sold as is” and does not come with a warranty or any type of return policy. These simple terms often found on used pallet rack quotes can easily be overlooked, so it’s up to you – the buyer – to understand the risk you are taking when making the purchase.

Another risk that you are taking when buying used pallet rack is the limits it puts on your business when you need to make changes or add to your rack system in the future. Often times used pallet racking is discounted because that style racking is not desired or does not fit the sizes found in many rack systems in warehouses today. It’s important to understand that teardrop pallet racking is the most commonly found style or design of pallet rack in warehouses, so you should try and find the teardrop style (pictured in the header) when shopping for your used racking. This will make it easier to find replacement components in the future.

The final risk to consider is not knowing how the rack system was used prior to your purchase. Some rack damage can be easily concealed, making it hard to identify the damage from being overloaded or misused. Again, as the buyer, it is highly recommended that you evaluate all of the products and learn as much as possible about the rack system.

New V Used Pallet Rack

One of our two warehouses in Maple Grove, MN is dedicated to our used pallet rack inventory. Our used inventory consists of mainly frames, beams, and wire decking, although we often carry other used material handling products as well (ladders, shelving, bins, stack racks, etc…). These used products come from clients who are either moving or relocating their warehouse. All of our products are thoroughly inspected when they arrive in our warehouse so our clients can have confidence when buying used products. We rate all the racking that is delivered to our warehouse and price it accordingly. We do mention these features of used pallet rack with caution because not all distributors or pallet rack sellers are the same. Some distributors buy racking in bulk and do not take the time to inspect the racking they simply broker it to the first available buyer and sell it as is.

New Pallet Rack

Are you looking for a fresh start with some new pallet racks for your warehouse? We offer top trade-in value to our customers for their products who are looking for new pallet racks. Whether big or small, many companies decide they need to renovate their warehouse after several years, which often requires new pallet racking. In terms of choosing new pallet racking over used, we generally see this choice made by larger companies and corporations – specifically when there are more legal standards and regulations to adhere to. This typically requires exact specifications because used products do not have guaranteed capacities.

New Pallet Rack Capacities

When a client approaches us with detailed specifications on their pallet dimensions and weight, along with other important numbers and measurements, we are able to supply them with the proper rack system for their products. This is important because our customers can then label their rack system with the proper capacities that are provided by the engineers who manufacturer the rack system. One of the largest benefits of buying new pallet rack is the manufacturers’ warranty and the knowledge of the exact capacities for your rack system in your warehouse.

Inventory Readily Available

When you buy a new pallet rack system from a stocking distributor such as AK Material Handling Systems, any future needs are more likely to be met. With one of the largest new pallet rack inventories in the nation, AK is able to provide pallet racking to customers with industry-leading turnaround. We can ship truckloads of pallet rack products across the nation in a matter of days.

minnesota pallet racking

Minnesota Pallet Rack – In Stock

Inventory Readily Available

When you buy a new pallet rack system from a stocking distributor such as AK Material Handling Systems, any future needs are more likely to be met. With one of the largest new pallet rack inventories in the nation, AK is able to provide pallet racking to customers with industry-leading turnaround. We can ship truckloads of pallet rack products across the nation in a matter of days.

Clean, Fresh Look

Just like any new material handling product, when a new pallet rack system is installed, it will give your warehouse a cleaner, fresher, and more professional design. Employees will become more excited and proud of your operations, while customers will be given a positive image of your company. Imagine a scenario where your team is excited to move into a brand new warehouse that will be larger, and operations easier for everyone inolved. Imagine then, that the ‘new’ racking comes in with issues such as rust, general dirtiness, missing bolts, broken welds, and unsafe decking. You can imagine how your staff would be disappointed, and not excited about dealing with faulty products in their brand new space, especially if fixing racking leads to the structural integrity being compromised.

The Golden Question

Often times one of the first questions that we receive from our clients is “What is the Price Difference Between New & Used Pallet Rack?”

This can be a very easy, yet complex question to answer. Take a look at the current price for a standard beam from our online catalog at

New Pallet Rack Beam
96-inch long standard beam
5200-pound capacity per pair
Price: $30.27

Typically, a similar USED beam comes in at a 20-30% discount from the new version. Please keep in mind that we do offer our clients fair pricing for the used pallet rack that they submit for trade. We are confident in our used products, as we only invest in high-quality, used pallet rack. You may be able to find used pallet racking in the $15-18 range (40%-50% discount), but keep in mind there are factors such as the condition of the racking, where the racking is being stored, and man-hours put into the items, that contribute to that pricing. Please keep in mind that there are plenty of variables that will come into play depending on the distributor that you choose to buy from.

3 Advantages of New & Used Pallet Racks

Used Pallet Rack

  • More cost effective
  • Quick delivery
  • Gets the job done

New Pallet Rack

  • Proper dimensions for your pallets
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Replacement parts in stock

Choosing What is Right For You

Whether you are looking to expand and buy new pallet racking, or need to save money by investing in used pallet racking, there are endless opportunities on both new and used fronts. Our recommendations to you are setting your budget, know your quantities, and evaluate your specifications. Let us help you envision, execute and excel with your material handling needs by giving us a call at 763-493-5015

New vs Used Pallet Racking

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