In times of old, it was commonplace to do nearly everything yourself; from house maintenance and construction to making clothes, to growing and hunting food, self-reliance was a must. Then, with the increasing availability of inexpensive services, came the trend of hiring others to do things for us, which resulted in a widespread lack of skills and unnecessary spending. So, unsurprisingly, the winds have once again shifted, and people are taking to their tool sheds to engage in DIY projects.

Installing a pallet rack system may seem straightforward enough at first — “hook the beam into the upright slot, put the wire decking on top, whatever,” you might think. However, it’s not quite this simple, and the stakes are extremely high when it comes to proper pallet rack installation.

a person stands on a mobile work patfomr in a warehouse filled with pallet rack bays

Pallet rack is made from steel for a reason: it’s generally used to hold a lot of weight — many thousands of pounds, usually. When this type of weight is being stored on a tall, relatively slim structure, the importance of correct installation, down to every little detail, cannot be exaggerated. Even the most minute misplacement of a component or absence of a safety pin could spell disaster. Professional installation means your pallet rack is attentively and deliberately installed by those who do so for a living and can offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pallet rack is assembled the way it was intended to be.

While safety is paramount, productivity is never far behind, and pallet rack installations done by professionals will deliver the results you want by ensuring the pallet rack system is installed to function the way you want. If you have your pallet rack system designed by professionals (which we advise), then it stands to reason you would have it installed by professionals as well. Even if your pallet rack isn’t designed by professionals, professional installation will all but guarantee that your pallet rack is installed correctly, and in the right position, in order to deliver optimal performance to your warehouse.

As it turns out, there are also more specific reasons why it’s important to have your pallet rack professionally installed. Consider these points from AK’s own Rack Systems Specialist Brian Koski:

“An improper rack installation will void the manufacturers’ warranty”

“Our crew will safely install rack 2-5 times faster than most customers who choose to install the rack themselves.”

“Professional rack crews are properly insured, and have the right equipment to safely install pallet rack.”

If you’re in need of professional pallet rack installation, warehouse layout design, or are simply interested in learning more about the process, give us a call at 800-722-5908 to chat with one of our friendly pallet rack installation and design specialists.

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