Why Choose The Starrco Modular Office?

Starrco leads the industry with its commitment to innovative pre-engineered systems.

Three Advantages

  • Starrco’s modular electric package utilizes commercial-grade U.L. listed components. The system only requires a final electrical connection after its installed.
  • Starrco’s Modular HVAC System is completely pre-engineered and modular. A final electrical connection is the only thing required after the installation is complete.
  • Starrco manufactures its own door frames. Because the door is the only moving part in Modular construction, it’s a vital component. The door frames lock into place to form a seemingly welded connection, eliminating any future problems. The ball bearing hinges increases cycle counts and years of problem-free operation. Starrco’s commitment to innovative product development has made them a leader in Modular Construction.

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