Recently a client of ours located in Minnesota contacted us to help them design a cantilever rack system for their warehouse.  They decided a cantilever rack system was ideal for their operations because they needed a rack system that could store their long heavy-duty pallets of sheet metal while taking up minimal space.  The client gave us the product information and specifications they were looking for and we provided a system to meet their needs. Our cantilever rack system was designed, delivered, and installed within three weeks of the customer contacting us.

Cantilever System Details:

  • 16′ Single Sided Uprights w / 79″ Base 17,000# Capacity
  • 54″ Straight Arms 2,490# capacity per arm
  • Set of (4) 48″ Brace Sets 

Project Completed by
Pete Brandon – Systems Design Specialist

Are you interested in Cantilever racking for your warehouse?

Below is a list of helpful questions to have answered to begin.

  • What is the product you are looking to store?
  • What is the length, width, and height of the product being stored?
  • What style cantilever arm are you looking for?  Straight or Angle
  • What length of the arm are you looking for?
  • Capacity per arm?
  • Are you looking for a single or double-sided unit?
  • How high are you looking to store product? (Upright height)
  • How much linear footage are you looking to cover?

You can also use our Quote Request Form or shop online at Cantilever Rack Now.