Pushback Pallet Rack Video Demonstration

The above pushback pallet racking video demonstration was filmed at our Maple Grove, MN 55369 warehouse. The goal of the video is to provide a detailed video demonstration of how forklifts load and unload pallets onto a pushback pallet rack system. The system used in the video is a Steel King Industries designed system installed by our professional pallet rack installation team.

Forklift loading the pushback pallet rack system:

In this video, a forklift driver has a pallet on his lift that has been raised to the second level of the push back rack system. To make room for the pallet on the lift truck, the forklift driver uses the pallet to pushback the pallet that is in the front of the rack system. This is possible because the pallet in the rack system is placed on a pushback pallet rack cart and part of a pushback pallet storage system. This cart allows it to be push backed to the second position in the rack system. Once the pallet is safety resting in the correct location the forklift then backs out of the rack.

Forklift un-loading the pushback pallet rack system:

In the video the forklift driver raises the forks to the proper height before entering the rack system and then enters the forks into the pallet in the front of the racking. Once the forks are in the proper position and the pallet is lifted, the driver then slowly backs out of the rack knowing that the pallet behind will be moving forward into place simultaneously.

Steel King pushback pallet rack systems represent a stellar combination of storage density, selectivity, and high quality construction. Steel King has long been known in the material handling industry for its production of high strength, durable, and eye-catching pallet rack, becoming one of the most sought-after manufacturers on the market. In order to eliminate unnecessary aisles, Steel King builds these rack systems to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 5 pallets per position. These systems use a first in, last out (FILO) loading and picking sequence, and don’t require a specialized forklift to use.

Some of the highlighted features of these systems include:

  • Automatic, gravity-driven design
  • Carts are color-coded, allowing for greater ease of visual identification by forklift operator
  • Pallet carts present an easy target for forklift operators

And, possibly most important, Steel King push back pallet racking offers up to 90% better use of warehouse storage space than selective racking, and 400% greater selectivity than drive-in racking. These attributes mean Steel King’s push back truly represents the best of both worlds in terms of density and selectivity.

Disclaimer: This is not a “Forklift – How To” video and should not be used in any safety training or to train individuals on how to operate a forklift or a drive-in pallet rack system. This video is to simply show how a pushback rack system stores product.

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