Upon first glance, one might not think of creativity as a requisite skill when it comes to providing material handling and storage solutions. The situations we come across must be fairly straightforward, right? A customer has a storage need, we meet it and everyone goes home happy. As it happens, though, it’s rarely that simple.

The storage predicaments our customers present us with are more varied and complex than one might imagine, and they frequently require the creative problem solving of our warehouse experts to be fully resolved. A recent case in which the creativity of the AK team was on display was a shelving installation in a Cub Foods in White Bear Township, Minnesota.

black industrial retail shelving

Retail Industrial Shelving

This particular Cub needed additional shelving to accommodate its wine inventory, and the store decided to employ the efforts of AK Material Handling Systems in formulating a solution. First, the AK team designed a layout that would suit the store’s unique needs. This is a vital step in the problem-solving process, as the layout of the new storage system can be just as important as the product itself.

Next, Al Boston had the idea of mounting the black shelving to black spray-painted plywood, dramatically increasing the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. Instead of showing beige drywall, the shelving now displays a sleek black background, giving the appearance of a strong, cohesive unit.

Beer & Wine Industrial Shelving
industrial retail shelving

Industrial Shelving Installation

When it came time to install the shelving, both parties wanted to ensure that the installation process could take place in a way that interfered as little as possible with the operations of the store. This way, the install team would be able to operate smoothly and efficiently, and the store could avoid the various business hassles related to having construction during busy hours. Because the wine shelves were to be installed in the liquor store section of Cub Foods, the team decided to install the shelving on a Sunday when the liquor store was closed to the public. As expected, the entire process went superb, and Cub Foods White Bear Township was outfitted with classy, jet-black shelving on which to place their wine.

Cub Foods Industrial Shelving
Wine Storage Racks Retail

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